Anyone seen Wonderfalls?


Has nayone seen the comedy TV show 'Wonderfalls'? The pilot episode was on Sky One last week, and will be aired in UK every Tuesday.

from the information that I have recieved, the show was axed in US by FOX after just four episodes. Why was this? Its too bad...although, it seems as if Sky One will be airing the first season in its entirity

The show was created and produced by Todd Holland (MITM director) Like 'Malcolm', Wonderfalls has a creative element also. Its rather obvious that both showss are from the same creative mind.

The concept may seem a little odd - its based arpund a central character of a shop assistant working in a gift shop at Niagara Falls, and one day she finds that the merchandise such as the toy animals start talking to her. Its a weird concept, but one that works - its even funny at times.

I guess we may have found 'Malcolm' odd when that first began airing - with the central character talking with the audience on a personal level. I guess Holland likes to be part of shows that defy convention.


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Thank you for being vigilant, MITM18.

I've heard of the show, but they obviously didn't promote it nearly as much as MITM because I had no idea what the concept behind it was. I think that it aired over in teh States during the same era as Firefly and Joe Millionaire and all those other shows that Fox axed after a month, and basically completely rebuilt their fall schedule, wasn't it? It was really rather funny to see that many shows fail that miserably on one network.


yardgames said:
It was really rather funny to see that many shows fail that miserably on one network.
Thats a real shame! As I say, its quite a good show too. My guess is if you like the creativity behind 'Malcolm', then you'd like this show also - you people in US are really missing out!

And the lady that plays the central character is quite pretty!


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It just came out on DVD, so you could rent it from your library or nearest video store to try them out.

Or just buy it :)

In the TV industry its all about trying new things, you win some, you loose some.