Amazing Screen and Amazing Price


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Tired of your own CRT lump of a monitor?

Well its time to go flat.

Not only flat but wide!

Now its a 19" widescreen! and its £175 - absolute bargin and im gunna get one. Its such a good thing i thought id tell you guys about it. Its also decent built quailty with 3yr warrenty.

Some of you might not see the excitement but just think about MITMVC in wide! and DVD's on your PC full screen!


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han_keep_smilin said:
In her own room too ( although you might allready mean that!) mine is in the spare room:)
Wel tis my computer, should be in my room! My crimbo present from last year, a new computer. Ive been having an agruement about who gets the 10" though coz my Dad wants it for thecomputer we are getting downstairs...but i win! I think ill tell him about this deal ;)


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I just ordered a new system complete with 19 inch flat panel monitor from Dell. Everyone in my family is giving me money towards it as an early birthday present. It's completely top of the line (well, until next week when they come out with something better. :D ) Actually it should be here any day now. I'm excited! :)


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Im soon going to build my own pc, ive been wanting too for a long time.

If anyones interested just got a new laptop - love it!

samsung x1

surposedly the worlds thinnest and lightest 14" laptop (its widescreen btw)

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I've been thinking about upgrading to an LCD monitor for a while now, but considering I made my PC out of bits which my mates don't need any more, there are several things I need more urgently.

The main thing which has put me off for so long is manufacturers' dead pixel policies - most allow 5 malfunctioning pixels per million, but a mate of a mate bought an LG monitor with a dead pixel right in the centre of the screen, rendering it unusable; they wouldn't replace it because it was only 1 pixel.

If that's the AL1916WS model it looks like a decent spec - from what I can make out a response time of 8ms is quite good.

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I'm getting a new computer soon, but it's going to be a laptop. But that screen is beautiful...