A MITM wiki


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Once I was visiting a Dr.Who forum and there was a doctor who wiki on it. I know that there is already a MITM wiki, but most of it is just copy_pasted from wikipedia and no one ever visits it. I think if we made a Malcolm wiki that only members of this site can edit and put it on the site it would encourage more people to become members.:)


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Thanks for the suggestion it is something we have considered, however it would take too much work to add at the moment.


Yes, it's certainly a good idea, and we're definitely planning an extensive Episode Guide and FAQ on this site (which are now woefully incomplete), which will come some way to having at least a good episode-bound wiki and a thorough general introduction.

However, I must also admit that at the moment I'm not up to doing a lot of structural work on the site, I simply can't find the time and I don't feel in good enough shape to take this up.

Perhaps later this year :s.