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  1. NeCoHo

    I'm back

    Hey guys, It's Justin, that's right, from what feels like all those years ago. I couldn't remember my old username, so I made a new one. I saw some changes, and even remember a bunch of old names. (yardgames, TJ, Alex and Reese(Mike who has continued keep in contact via AIM, thanks)) Nice to...
  2. NeCoHo

    FOXCASTS scroll down on the 'browse' box, and you can find MITM. Enjoy.
  3. NeCoHo

    Warhammer 40,000

    Has anyone ever heard of this game? It's a table top, and a PC game, with titles like Dawn of War, and Dark Crusade. And it also has a huge book following. Short story: It's too long to tell Long story: just search for 'Imperium' once you're there, and explore.....
  4. NeCoHo

    MITM Story in 4 words

    You all remember this one, I'll start. As Reese was running
  5. NeCoHo


    Anyone ever been on that site mentioned? I love it. Personal favorite movies:
  6. NeCoHo

    PC RTS War Games

    Being the Gamer that I am, and deciding that I can't resist to share this Gem with you, here it is: This RTS(Real-Time-Strategy) Strategy is probably one of the best games I have ever played.(along with Halo, Halo 2, Rise of Nations, C&C series, Empire Earth, Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 2...
  7. NeCoHo

    A MITM Story In Four Words.

    I think we did this before, but it was really fun, so, we'll do it again. :) I'll start the story wih 4 words, and the next person post 4 more words to continue the story. ******PLEASE KEEP IT MITM REALTED****** ******PLEASE DON'T POST 2 TIMES IN A ROW****** ok..... One day, Hal decided
  8. NeCoHo

    An Extremely Heated Debate On WW II, BIA:Earned in Blood, and The History Of Russia.

    My mom let me open one gift early (after seeing my excellent Christmas concert) And I got this one. It is an awesome game. Does anyone else have this one (or Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30) They are rated "M for Mature" (but since we were all desensitized to violence years ago, I guess it...
  9. NeCoHo

    Justin and Sam's arguments

    I'll prune the christmas thread. All the violence we had there deserves to be taken out. Sam, do you agree to only fight with me here? That way, people can post normal stuff, we can fight, and every one gets entertained.
  10. NeCoHo

    Birthday Card for Justin

    That is the question. We have been having a discussion about whether or not to send birthday cards to the main cast of the show in the shout box. And since it's more formal if we do a poll, that's what we will do. So do we send a card from the MITMVC? a big card, or a small one? a funny one...
  11. NeCoHo

    Holiday vs. Christmas

    In America there is a HUGE controvesy with using the word christmas. Holiday tree instead of Christmas tree, Holiday parade, vs Christmas parade, Winter break vs Christmas break, holiday lights, not christmas lights, ect. Don't you think this is the most retarted thing you ever heard? I mean...
  12. NeCoHo

    Have you read any good books lately?

    I'll add the ice cream part in later... I'm reading the sci-fi Area 51 series lately, it's really good, you know aliens visited and seeded Earth 10,000 years ago, they come back to fight over the planet after a faction f the aliens try to re-claim it, Another enemy might be coming (haven't...
  13. NeCoHo

    Hosting Videos on the Net

    I have a 436,080KB File that I would like to host somewhere. Preferably somewhere free (of course). and I was just curious if anyone knew where I could host such a file, it's about 14 mins long, and is of my band at our Championships. Thanks in advance.
  14. NeCoHo

    A Burning Man Question

    Why do you think the family went along with Malcolm and Reese? I want to get you guys thinking here. It would be nice to hear every possible theory out there. Was it because Lois wanted to partake in the fun also? Or was it because she believes that the boys aren't allowed to have fun without a...
  15. NeCoHo

    Buying A Trumpet

    I am looking to buy a new trumpet. I know some of you are band players, but I am curious if you know of a good trumpet to buy, or if any of you even play a trumpet. The Strad(Stradivarius) is the best, but it's crazy how much it costs. Does this look good...
  16. NeCoHo

    Universal, Fox close to Halo movie deal

    How about this Halo movie? Do you think it's about time, or would you rather see the Master Chief and his videocamera drop off the face of the Earth? Universal, Fox close to Halo movie deal Variety reports the two studios want to jointly shoulder burden of bringing the Master Chief to the...
  17. NeCoHo

    Space/Science News

    Here I decided to have a thread to display all the thingd happening in our world to make it different. Space Travel, Science Breakthroughs, ect. Here I'll post my interpratation of a news article, then post the site you can find the whole story at. Who knows maybe you'll learn something...
  18. NeCoHo

    Marching Band

    I did it, I got through my first day of Marching Band practice. My feet hurt, my arms ache, my toes feel like they will fall off, so that's why I'm coming back today and tommorrow, and next Monday, ect. I am slowly turning into the band geek with the funny hat. It's fun but hard. Now, all I need...
  19. NeCoHo

    Are we alone in the Universe, or Galaxy? and do you believe in Ghosts?

    Do you think we are the only senient species in the Galaxy (by that, i mean, are we the only species that can fly in space?)? Do you think we are prepared to meet them if they were to come to us? Do you think we will come to them, or will they come to us? I would like to ask these questions to...
  20. NeCoHo

    Dewey in the newspaper.

    I stumbled across this article in an old copy of the newspaper I get, The Atlantic City Press, on, get this, December 4, 2000, like season 1-2. If it is a bit hard to read I wrote it out, here it is: What do you guys think of this? The cute Dewey, a demonic, evil, prankster?