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    Frankie Muniz hinting at an acting comeback?

    On his Twitter on Friday: "After 4 years of retirement from Hollywood... I think I'm gonna pull a Michael Jordan...." Any idea what he is talking about, or do we have to wait and see? P.S. in case any of you are confused about the Michael...
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    When was Frankie last living in LA?

    Hi I thought a year or two ago, Frankie was spotted around LA in areas like West Hollywood and stuff, either with his girlfriend, or going to the gym, etc. Was he living here at that time, and if so when did he move out of LA and to Scottsdale, AZ? I do not recall the moment when he actually...
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    Like any new 2009-2010 season shows?

    I like the new NBC comedy Community. Looks like I am going to try and catch every episode I know it is still the very start of the season, but even if a show has not started yet, is there one you are looking forward to?
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    Gallery tagging

    not sure if the gallery software can allow for this, but it is nice we have pictures categorized by season and other categories, but how about the stills from the show also be "tagged" as including a character (or actor, or both), such as in the way IMDb will have a picture linked to multiple...
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    Justin's role before Reese much like Malcolm?

    ok so the title may make no sense, but ill explain I am super bored, so I was looking up clips of Unhappily Ever After, the show Justin Berfield was on before he Malcolm in the Middle. I found this video of sound clips of Ross Malloy (his character), and still frames from the show. I however...
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    I like the smilies we have. However, as for the default 15, there is no sad face ":sad:". Also, there is 2 identical smilies, Blushing ":blushing:", and Blush ":blush:" shown as defaults. Can one of them be replaced by ":sad:"? Maybe the one next to the smile seems logical. As attractive the...
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    how is everyone's summer starting out like? to those in summer *looks over to Australia. oh well, at least it is not a cold winter :p* I still have 1 more week of school. errr.. finals.. i really do look like how Reese looks in my avatar picture :mellow: I have jury duty this summer :ohmy...
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    Frankie Muniz reference on 'Drake & Josh' [Video]

    Front Page Post [Watch Video on Front Page Post] Drake & Josh - Season 2, Episode 10 'Number 1 Fan' - Scene where a younger girl is obsessed with Drake and when she came into his bedroom she asked for his autograph he signed the back of some random piece of paper lying around, and then Josh...
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    How Much Erik Has Changed

    how end up looking like I cant even comprehend. :confused1: and why I am now posting things about Erik/Dewey is unknown to me, maybe I got bored of posting about Justin/Reese?
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    The Wonder Years, and its similarity to Malcolm in the Middle

    I just watched a Biography Channel documentary of The Wonder Years on YouTube (part 1 is here) and noticed many similarities Malcolm in the Middle had with it. While The Wonder Years was dealing with serious issues much more often then Malcolm, both sitcoms were of a different format then all...
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    Lead singer of Arctic Monkeys as a kid looked like Dewey?

    Do you think Alex from Arctic Monkeys as a kid looks like Dewey? (on the left) a lot of people mentioned it in comments of the photo by the way, Arctic Monkeys is my favorite band
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    Malcolm in the Middle Writers in the WGA Strike

    Front Page Post A few of those who were writers for <em>Malcolm in the Middle</em> have been featured in news articles during the term of this WGA (Writers Guild of America) Strike, or have posted their own articles or blogs on the subject. David Sacks and Jay Kogen are two such individuals...
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    Cloris Leachman’s (Grandma Ida) Autobiographical One-Woman Show

    Front Page Post Cloris Leachman, who played the role of Grandma Ida on Malcolm in the Middle, is creating a one-woman stage show that will be an overview of her acting career. The show is titled Cloris!. While her many portrayals will be re-enacted by an actress playing Cloris (which has yet...
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    Extended MITM opening?

    I was on youtube, and ran across an extended opening of the show, that is entirely made up of clips from the show (unlike the common opening which has random videos added in as well). This one is almost 1 minute long, and starts off with a verse of...
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    New FOX shows next season, and dropped shows.

    I would like to present you all with the following FOX network confirmed development slate for the 2007/2008 season You can find this same list, and descriptions of each new show, at: You can go here...
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    Tom Green

    I read that Tom Green was a guest star on MITM, what episode was he on and as what role? :confused1: By the way, anyone watch his online weeknight talk show on he hosts in his own real living room. He has a professional studio set-up there. I used to watch it last year, but haven't...
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    The visual look of MITM, one of its kind

    Everyone talks about how great the writing and humor of MITM is, but the fantastic comedy aspect is not the only thing that stands out in uniqueness, I think the entire series was filmed in a unique way. One of the only comedies today to be shot on film instead of video (which usually is only...
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    The War at Home

    Who watches this show? Its on FOX. It pretty much started after MITM ended, but after being on Sunday for it's first season, it was moved to Thursdays (which i hated, because I seen almost every episode when it was on Sunday, but missed over half of them on Thursdays) I love this show, while to...
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    I feel sorry for Reese

    man I feel so sorry for Reese. He can never have a girl, he can never hold a job, he is not that smart, he has is everyone's enemy, and he gets grounded the most. I feel so sad for him, he must get depressed, maybe in a future episode he will? that will suck. He probably will be locked in his...