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    Bryan Cranston reads 'Mommy and Daddy want to F%#&' by writer producer Glouberman

    Front Page Post It’s not a new scene of Malcolm in the Middle, but Malcolm writer and producer Michael Glouberman’s words are being spoken by Bryan Cranston once again. Watch Bryan Cranston read excerpts from Glouberman’s book ‘Mommy and Daddy Want to F%#&’ which is available for Kindle and in...
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    We Need YOUR Help!

    Your Passion This site has always been driven by passionate users. We are scrappy, dedicated and enjoy ourselves. If you have an idea of how you might be able to contribute, then we want to know. Maybe you want to write news posts, create memes, edit videos, become a forum moderator, upload to...
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    Site Fixed

    Hi all! We have had various issues with servers, out dated software etc and unfortunately it has taken a while to get things working. Hopefully the site is working now, please reply here with any bugs and I'll see if I can get them fixed. The site still needs a complete redesign, however...
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    Malcolm in the Middle Video Game!

    Front Page Post We recently discovered is a new Malcolm in the Middle video game! The first of its kind. The new game created by Alec Robbins allows you to play as Malcolm, with the object of the game being to keep Malcolm walking in between Reese and Dewey. If Malcolm fails to stay in the...
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    David Anthony Higgins (Craig) Interested in a MITM Revival!

    Front Page Post MITM97 was recently was able to get in contact with David Anthony Higgins who plays Craig on Malcolm in the Middle! We exchanged a few words via Twitter. David replied to me when asked “what are your thoughts are on a Malcolm in the Middle revival?” David said “I would love to...
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    Welcoming MITM97 as a New News Reporter

    Best of luck to MITM97 on this new role.
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    Superb Malcolm in the Middle intro in LEGO!

    Front Page Post An excellent re-make in LEGO by Matthis Mcfly.
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    Expanding the Gallery with this large archive

    This 400MB zip file Contains a large number of high quality images, organized by folder from a large image site, of events etc. Richie has done a great job over the years on expanding the gallery but he doesn't currently have time to work on this...
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    MITMVC Seeks News Writer/Blogger/Admin

    Sadly due to various real world commitments I can't find enough time to keep this site updated with news/content. We have had many awesome people contribute their time to this site over its many years, without these people we would be nothing. This site isn't going anywhere, It's not going to...
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    Pre-order Malcolm in the Middle Season 1 Widescreen DVD - Release April 16 2012!

    We broke the news last week that the entire series of Malcolm in the Middle is coming to DVD this year. Season 1 is first, expected on April 16 2012 and is now available to pre-order. As this is a Region 2 DVD release in the UK, its available to order from Amazon, HMV and
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    EXCLUSIVE: Malcolm in the Middle Seasons 1-7 Coming to DVD Starting 2012!

    Think of something super big? OK, got it? Double it... This is how big this news is. In short, Season 1 of Malcolm in the Middle will be released on DVD in the UK (Region 2) in April 2012. Followed by a season a month until a final box-set near Christmas 2012. Yes, all seasons by the end of...
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    Bryan Cranston & 'Breaking Bad' at PaleyFest 2010

    Front Page Post March 10, 2010 - The PaleyFest is an annual celebration of media, this year Breaking Bad formed a panel. [See Front Page Post for Video] See our GALLERY for photos from the event. Breaking Bad season 3 finale airs tonight 10/9C on AMC. Source: <a...
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    Watch Bryan Cranston on 'American Dad!' [Video]

    Front Page Post Bryan Cranston has voiced characters in 2 episodes of American Dad! (a satirical American cartoon series) to date. Firstly back in the shows first season in 2005 and then earlier this year. Season 1 Episode 15 - Star Trek - November 27, 2005 - voiced Bill Publisherman [See...
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    Bryan Cranston PSA Roundup [Video]

    Front Page Post 2009 - The Lustgarten Foundation - Pancreatic cancer research [See Front Page Post for Video] 2009 - California Landscape Contractors Association - Water conservation [See Front Page Post for Video] 2009 - It's Your Choice - Anti-Drug PSA - Directed/Edited by Tyler Bourns...
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    Bryan Cranston 'Breaking Bad' Interviews Roundup

    Front Page Post Bryan directed Breaking Bad 3x01 No Mas and both his daughter and wife made small appearances. He gives a short commentary on this school assembly scene. [See Front Page Post for Video] Bryan has given many interviews over the past few months promoting Breaking Bad, with great...
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    Bryan Cranston Rings the NYSE Opening Bell

    Front Page Post [See Front Page Post for Video] April 8, 2010 - Bryan visited the New York Stock Exchange and rang the opening bell, a bell that rings to signify the day's start of trading. Bryan was joined by his daughter Taylor, Rainbow Media COO Ed Carroll, AMC President Charlie Collier...
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    Bryan Cranston Chats to 'Adam Carolla' [Audio]

    Front Page Post Bryan's good friends with Adam Carolla the well known radio/podcast host and has appeared on his podcast before. Since then he's been on the show twice. October 30, 2009 [See Front Page Post for Audio] May 2, 2010 [See Front Page Post for Audio] Source:
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    Bryan Cranston does the Talk Show Circuit [Video]

    Front Page Post The Last few months Bryan has been promoting Breaking Bad and erh...his new 'book' with a bunch of talk show appearances, he's as funny as ever and there are some cool new 'Bryan stories' I hadn't heard before... [See Front Page Post for Video] March 24, 2010 - Late Show with...
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    'Malcolm in the Middle' Crew Reunited on 'Sons of Tucson'

    Front Page Post Sons of Tucson is as close to a Malcolm in the Middle reunion as there ever has been, but its all behind the scenes. As I'm sure you know Son of Tucson is produced by Justin Berfield (Reese) and directed/produced by Todd Holland who worked on many Malcolm episodes. Justin...
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    4.5M Watch Justin Berfield & Todd Holland's 'Sons of Tucson'

    Front Page Post Justin tweeted the good news this week that early figures say 4.5 million tuned in for the Sons of Tucson premiere. Lets hope the success continues, the second episode airs tonight (March 21) 9:30/8:30 Central on FOX. Here's a round-up of what Justin has had to say about...