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    Lois' Lies

    The question is: Does Lois keep secrets from Hal? In Jury Duty, she tells Hal that she keeps secrets from him all the time because he is upset that she won't tell him about the trial and claims they tell each other everything. In Army Buddy, though, she tells Hal that she's so happy she can...
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    Streaming Marathon this year?

    Every year since 2005 the MITMVC has sponsored a weekend of Malcolm in the middle of summer. How it works is we pick a weekend to stream every single episode live, in high quality, and in its entirety all the way from Pilot through Graduation (except the first year we did it S7 didn't exist :D)...
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    Writers Guild of America Strike Ends!

    The strike that has been going on since before Thanksgiving is finally done. [/I]
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    Things to Do from MITM

    If you've ever been bored, one option is to watch MITM. Another, is of course, to do some of the eccentric things the boys of. For example, in Hal Grieves, they have a giant whipped cream fight and launch a garbage can rocket ship and push each other into pudding. What other great things to do...
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    Why did people think Malcolm was weird?

    As I was going through posts, someone (sorry, I forgot who!) made a very good point that Malcolm may have been doomed to his miserable life even before he was put into the Krelboyne class because as early as Pilot, he said people were calling him weird. What was so weird about Malcolm before it...
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    Was it possible for Malcolm to have friends?

    We know that Malcolm is socially retarded, but did he have any chance at all after starting high school? He made it his mission--and succeeded with the exception of Stevie--to ditch the Krelboynes once high school ended, but was he even given an opportunity to make friends with anyone else? How...
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    Is Dewey destined to follow in Malcolm's footsteps?

    Let us retrace briefly where the egocentric jerk Malcolm began. His journey started in Pilot when he was told he was gifted and was removed from the "normal" school population. The first three seasons were about his struggles in that class. Then in season 4 he started high school but his luck...
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    Spring Break

    So it's spring. Most of us either had a break from school recently or will be having one soon. Except Rye; doctors have to work all year round. :-D Anyone doing/did anything neat? Going anywhere special? We had trips up the mahogany last year. I remember Chris showing us pics of the MITM house...
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    Reassuring DVD News

    I have some reassuring news about the DVD releases for seasons 2 thru 7. All of them are listed on Netflix now. Every last one of them. And they all have summaries and things. I search every few months and the last time I searched was October-ish. At that time, only season 1 was listed. Now...
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    There's so many interesting connections between various episodes in MITM. One of the most famous ones is of course Citizen King's "Better Days" ending both the Pilot and Graudation. One I caught onto the other day connects Humilithon and Waterpark: Dewey dances to Abba songs in both. At first I...
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    The Characters You Hate

    I'm not talking about Ida and Herkabe here, because everyone hates them. I'm talking about some of the main key players that some people seem to despise. For example, Ben hates Stevie and Paul hates Dewey. I find it interesting that one can love the show so much and hate such integral...
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    Hal's Advice

    Certainly Hal isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, but if one has watched closely over the last seven years, one could pick up quite a bit of wise advice from this father. In Reese Joins the Army, he told Malcolm to "always have a song in your heart," and reminded the boys, "If you write an...
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    How did you become hooked on MITM?

    I know this has been asked before, but it's different every time we get a new Wave of visitors. So, how have some of our current members become hooked on MITM? For me, I had heard the good things about the first season and decided to watch Waterpark. It said To Be Continued at the end and as it...
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    What happened to Eric?

    The last we saw of Eric was in Monkey when Francis and Piama were heading south riding the money from their settlement check, and Eric was hitchhiking down the highway. What do you guys think became of him?
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    How was Craig hurt?

    I just watched the episode "Monkey," in which Craig is in a body cast. I always thought he got hurt when he fell off the roof of his house because Malcolm had run away to go home as soon as he saw Reese was on TV in the car chase and in the process had inadvertantly tapped the ladder and while...
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    New Threads in News and Announcements: Cracking Down on Spam

    As some of you may know, anyone can start a new thread in the News and Announcements part of the board. However, a moderator must approve it before it appears and becomes active. It's lucky we have that in place because in the last week alone there have been several instances of spam almost...
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    To New Members Experiencing an "Activation Error"

    I have received several complaints from new members that, after registering, they are not allowed to post, and the forum cites the reason that the account as not yet been activated. I'm not sure yet what the cause of this problem is. In the meantime, please make sure the domain...
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    Round-up of Fall Work for Former MITM Cast and Crew

    We've been discussing for months about what the various cast and crew members will be doing to keep them busy now that MITM is finished. Here's a round-up of what's to come from each of them this fall: Jane Kaczmarek: Anne on Help You Help Me Bryan Cranston: no TV shows lined up for fall, just...
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    Fan Fic in 4 Words

    Out of all of the games you guys have invented, I've always enjoyed the fan fic in four words one the best, so I thought I'd start another one based around an idea Tony had for an episode. If you're not familiar with the game, here's how it works: I'll get the episode rolling, then you guys will...
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    What did Lois do before working at the Lucky Aid?

    In Health Insurance, you'll recall that Craig was throwing a party for Lois' tenth anniversary of working at the Lucky Aid. That means Malcolm would have been 17; ten years ago, he only would have been seven (he was eleven or twelve when the series started) so that's a lot of time that the...