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    Episode Guide

    I just joined this forum (which by the way, rocks, because now I can actually talk to people about something I love), and I noticed when I was looking at the episode guide, there was only season one. Is there something wrong with my computer? Or did no one ever post guides to the other seasons...
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    Best episodes

    What would you guys say is the best episode? I would say either "Bowling" or "Red Dress", while "Red Dress" was, in my opinion, clearly more funny, "Bowling" was a lot harder for them to direct, being it had two simoltaneous episodes. So which do you think is the funniest? Which do you think was...
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    Want to find places to watch MITM

    I live in the USA, and for a while I've been looking for places to watch MITM. I had one instance with an online website that nearly caused a computer virus, so don't give any websites. Is there a way that another broadcasting company would start reruning episodes? Also, a few random questions...