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    American Eagle Clothes in Season 7

    I don't know if you've noticed it, but Malcolm and Reese have worn many times American Eagle Outfitters t-shirts. For example: Reese had a "I got lit" t-shirt in Episode 721 and Malcolm worn a t-shirt which reads "Brewology 101" in a former episode. This brand is not exported to Europe. What...
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    Video - Cast and Crew on the Set

    Episode : Dewey's Special Class, HR06-32''. Extracted from the 'Dailies' the company 'Modern Videofilm' makes for the editors of the show.
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    Cancelling the Password Change Could Keep the Users

    Sometimes it's wearisome to have to change my password often. Maybe admins could disable this option in order not to discourage old users to come back.
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    Help for non native speakers

    I'd like to open a new thread where all non native speakers could ask for some help. For example there are some words I don't understand the real meaning, or sometimes sentences I don't get.. To begin, could somebody tell me what "the R words" mean - Krealboynes Picnic. And from another...
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    Red Dress: Where is the TV?

    Last scene : Hal turns the TV on, but where is it? Do you have an idea of the location the children found to hide the televison in the Red Dress episode?
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    Season 1 Gag Reel Subtitles

    DVD Bloopers Subtitles Hi! I'm not a native english speaker and my english is not perfect. Even if I'm used to watching Malcolm in the Middle in english, I would not grasp all if there were no subtitles. The problem is that there are some words I miss when I listen to the season 1 bloopers...