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    Possible return of Futurama

    Since Futurama was cancelled a few years back, the dvd sales have been enormous apparently. I was reading an article earlier that said Futurama may be coming back! I hope it does as it is definatly the best cartoon on the planet. It is a very popular show so if it did come back i think it...
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    XML buttons

    I noticed the buttons to view the site in XML, but all i get is "This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below." above the code. I'm using firefox by the way, and i have viewed xml pages that had stylesheets i guess linked to...
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    From Russia with Love

    Has anyone heard of the upcoming Bond game "From Russia with Love"? It is coming out in october/november and is still in the maknig but the interviews and gameplay i have seen seem really good. I'm not a huge game fan, but i'm a pretty big Bond fan. The previous Bond games have been a bit...
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    Display users name on the profiles

    On the forums, people mostly get called by there username, so i thought on the mini-profile that is displayed to the left of every post there could be a name category so when people reply, they will be able to call them by there real first name. If everyone could see the first name of the person...
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    How much of your life is wasted watching commercials?

    Are you a big TV fan?
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    Bands that have free downloading for all their songs

    If a band wants to promote there new album, they might put the most popular song on there homepage with flash, or have a link to download it. I can see how this would encourage people to buy the album, because if they like the song they might want to buy the full album. But i have seen official...
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    What are you reading right now?

    Anyone reading any good books at the moment? I don't really read lots of books because i find alot of them boring, but some books i do like are the James Bond books :) Im currently reading Casino Royale by Ian Fleming (a movie of this book is coming out next year). It is a very good book so...
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    Video Games

    Well, since this forum is for Television, Movies and Video Games, i thought i would make a thread about Games. So what are your favorite games, or favorite category? And is anyone looking forward to the Xbox 360/ps3/revolution? My favorite type of games for consoles are horror games like...
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    Account deleted on the VC

    I was having problems with hotmail, so i decided to switch the email settings on the forums and the VC. The forums worked fine, but when i went to change my email on the VC to gmail, it send me an email to confirm then i clicked the link and it said acconut inactive, please make a new account or...
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    Did you prefer the show when it was centered on malcolm?

    I was just wandering what everyone thought, but first read what i meant by it. In the earlier seasons, the show was centered on Malcolm, but now the show focuses on other characters more. You may have favorite episodes from different seasons, but altogether, do you prefer the show hen it was all...
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    I noticed that ebay has tons of autographed photos, pictures.. etc, and i think that an autograph is only really good if you got it yourself, sort of to remind you that you were there and that you met them. I was just wondering what everyone else thought, is an autograph only important to you...
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    Help with phpbb

    I hope this is on the right board, i just needed some hlep with my forums. I have finally installed the phpbb forums using ODBC (MS access). When i went to the forums i got this error : Warning: odbc_exec(): SQL error: [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Too few parameters. Expected 1...