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    Guess what this means.....

    Ok, so I posted this question on Yahoo Answers and nobody answered! So here's the question- What does 'LJKHBCFCMMFMRJBJJandLR' mean and what order is it in.:confused:
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    I really want to....

    I really want to watch My Best Friend Wedding (with Christopher Kennedy Masterson) in it tonight.
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    Where has season 7 not aired yet?

    Where has season seven not aired yet? It's been aired for 3 years here.
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    How can we not talk abot MITM if we're on a MITM fan site?

    Look at the title of the post. It explains it all! :) This website is the best, I'm glad I found it. Easily navigated but professional. Keep up the good work, I'm a huge fan!