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  1. Dew_Fan

    Who is your favorite actor and why?

    Hey guys, I want to know who your favorite actor is of MITM, and not only based on this show. Look at all of the shows and movies that they have been in. For me, my favorite character is Dewy, a.k.a Erik Per Sullivan. He is not only great actor in MITM, but he also has done great in some of his...
  2. Dew_Fan

    I hate surgery :(

    I am having surgery today for my nasal passages, I had the same thing done last year, but they need to do it again, wish me luck, and I hope everyone is having a good day.
  3. Dew_Fan

    Whats going on with Sullivan?

    I was just wondering if anybody has heard anything from Erik lately, he just completely fell off the grid. Last thing that I heard was that he was in college???
  4. Dew_Fan

    Good to be back!!!

    I haven't been on the site in a while and I must say, it is good to back. I have really missed all of the deep and meaningful conversations. I am also glad that the site is still going strong. I would like to thank the site staff who keeps it running, you guys are awesome, and to all of the MITM...
  5. Dew_Fan

    Life is to short. RIP Kenneth

    Yesterday, One of my middle school best friends passed away due to a car crash. His friend was speeding and he hit a light pole and then a tree, his friend went to the hospital with minor injuries and Kenneth was pronounced dead at the scene. Kenneth was a great guy and he will surly be missed...
  6. Dew_Fan

    Growing up

    It is hard to believe this is happening, but tomorrow I will be turning 18. It feels awesome that I have made it this far, but I miss a few things, like getting up early on Saturday morning to watch cartoons, or going to the park to play with old friends. I want to know what you miss the most...
  7. Dew_Fan

    Music is the window to the soul

    Some people say that "Music is the window to the soul", and i believe them because music is a big part of my life, can't go a day without listening to something. To me, it expresses my thoughts about life without having to tell people, all they have to do is listen. Tell what it means to you...
  8. Dew_Fan

    He's everywhere!!!

    I was at school today, watching a video about animals, and who would decide to show up as a guest star, Bryan Cranston. Its like no matter where I go, the cast keeps following me, which is not a bad thing :D...
  9. Dew_Fan

    Happy New Years :)

    I just wanted to wish everybody a happy new year, I hope all of you have a great and wonderful year. :)
  10. Dew_Fan

    I just want to say thank you.

    Hello members and guests of Malcolm In The Middle Voting Community, I just wanted to say personally to the makers of this website, all of the site staff, thank you. You have given all of us MITM fans someplace to go to talk about, in my opinion, one of the greatest TV shows. Its nice that we...
  11. Dew_Fan

    Bryan Cranston is a busy man.

    Bryan Cranston has been a very busy man the past few years, he has stared in several roles in 2011 alone, and on January 20, 2012, he stares in the new movie Red Tails. Bryan Cranston plays Maj. William Mortamus who doesn't want African Americans to be on the front lines in WWII. Here is the...
  12. Dew_Fan

    Tell me what you think.

    I have a band that I want you guys to hear, they are a Alternative / Hardcore / Rock Christian band. I personal don't like screamo, but I think it sends a deep message. They are called Wolves at the gate and the song is called Heralds.
  13. Dew_Fan

    Bryan Cranston plays Jim Gordon in Batman: Year One

    We all know Bryan Cranston as the goofy but lovable Hal in MITM, and as Walter White, who is producing and selling meth on the streets of New Mexico. But, Bryan Cranston doesn't always play the bad guy. He has a role in the movie Batman: Year One, which he does the voice for Jim Gordon...
  14. Dew_Fan

    Its kinda sad...

    I think that it is a little sad that there are so many members on this site, but a lot of them don't post any of their comments about the show. I just wish that more people would speak their minds, we all have opinions about certain subjects, but no one will post anything, I have been off this...
  15. Dew_Fan

    How Long....?

    What do you guys think the perfect episode length is for MITM. I think the perfect length would be 45 min (include commercial time). If the show was a little bit longer they would be able to do a little bit more on the sub plots. What are your thoughts?
  16. Dew_Fan

    How was your day?

    I am starting a new thread about you, just say how your day was and what was good/bad about it. :)
  17. Dew_Fan

    MITM reunion episode . . What if

    What if MITM decided to do a reunion episode and they got all the cast and crew back together to do one final one hour long episode. What do you think would happen???
  18. Dew_Fan

    What's your favorite type of music?

    I think the type of music someone listens to can tell you something about that person, so I want to know what your favorite type of music is and your favorite artist. I like everything from R&B to rock. Here are some of my favorite songs! Enjoy!!! :) Disturbed...
  19. Dew_Fan

    Dewey: long hair or short hair?

    I am not sure if I like Erik with short hair or long hair. I mean, we have all grown up with him and he has always had short hair, it is cool to see him with both kinds, but I think that i like him with short hair better.
  20. Dew_Fan

    What do you think about the movie Twelve?

    I want to know what the MITMVC thinks about the movie Twelve, Erik Per Sullivan is in it and i wanted to know what you guys think about it.