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    Clip show song

    This is my idea for a song they could have played at the end of "Clip Show 2" (As opposed to the first one so that I'd have more material.) I was trying to mention as many episodes as possible It's like what they did during one of the clip shows on the Simpsons. In fact, it has the same tune...
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    I can't stay logged in

    I'm having touble staying logged in. Even if I check off the "remember me" box, I'm logged out every minute or every time I leave. What should I do?
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    Why there won't be anymore cliffhangers

    Please keep an open mind as you scroll down, even if you disagree with the title. I could be wrong about this, it's just a theory. I doubt that there will be anymore two-parters. Here's why: The show is (was) intended to focus around the boys, not the adults. There have been a total of five...
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    Question with a spoiler

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    Company Picnic

    I watched the episode "Company Picnic" a while back, but I was confused? What was wrong with Hal's new boss, and why did he decide to "fire" him?