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    Do you think Malcolm In The Middle should have continued?

    I know I keep battling between Malcolm In The Middle continuing or that it ended at the right time! What do you think? Vote and reply, please! Thanks!
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    Name That Episode!

    I'll give you clues of the episode name and you guess the. Sort of like "The Ultimate MITM Quotes Quiz!". Whoever guesses it right goes next. Here's mine: What a Yuletide, yet no profit. I wish that we DID make money off it. No, it' not what you're thinking but here's a guessing gift: In this...
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    Your Bottom Ten Episodes

    What are your bottom 10 MITM episodes? I know we have the top ten and people have used it as using bottom ten but here's the ACTUAL bottom 10 thread. Enjoy!:D
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    Are YOU afraid of the dark?

    I want to see your honest opinions, does anybody here blieve in supernatural forces like ghosts? I do but not the "evil" kind. In the spirit of Halloween I thought we could "enlighten" the mood. you believe in spirits and ghosts?:D
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    New Ratings

    I have som new ideas for the episode guide. We could actually be able to rate the episode from 1 to 5 stars! And these would be the ratings: "Bottom" "Hot" "Mega Hot" "Ultra Hot!!!!!" We could also rate them in a panel where it says:1 Star, 2 Stars, 3 Stars, 4 Stars, 5 Stars. And the average...
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    Fanfic: Halloween

    Here's a story I made called "Halloween"! It's really cool.(Long, though!:D). I just picked a random year to make it made in. Because I thought 2001 kind of suited the theme for this episode. Enjoy!:) What do you guys think of it?:D Post here, please. I really don't want this to go away and...
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    Saturday Night FlashChat

    A FlashChat party is being hosted by Admin tomorrow night(Saturday, October 1st)!:D I think that the mods or the admin would probably want to join in on the conversation and confirm everything.:) --CJMAN327:D
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    Name that MITM Character!

    Let's all come up with riddles for different characters, once done with that, we'll do quotes!:D Are you ready? OK, here's my first one!:
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    Coming Attractions?

    I think that we need more attractions to lure more people onto the site! All the basic fun stuff is the arcade, FlashChat and the forums which are pretty empty during the day. Weekends are good, but we still need really good posts and upgrades to the site! Who thinks so?(I'm not saying this site...
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    Malcolm In The Middle Survivor (Level 2)

    Well, if you have read the first level of MITM-S at the bottom of the page then you know what to do! Vote for the character you think was the worst on the episode:Casino, and avoid this word: And guide the boys through the desert on their hike and avoid the epxlosives! Enjoy!:) :D --CJMAN327
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    A Tribute To MITM

    Yes no, maybe. I don't know. Can you repeat the question? Yes I can! Is Malcolm In The Middle the best show ever? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Malcolm In The Middle started January 9th, 2000 on FOX. Sure it was underappreciated. But everyone on the Malcolm In The Middle Voting Community thinks that this...
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    Season 7 Premiere FOX Preview

    I saw the preview for it and the characters look much older! It's funny, Reese tells Malcolm as it shwos the Burning Man festival as Hal is driving a van crazily and Lois becomes member of some sort of tribe thing, and Malcolm has a girl with her laying down with her as Malcolm is smiling and...
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    What would you rate Malcolm In The Middle?

    How many stars would you rate Malcolm In The Middle?:) :D --CJMAN327
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    I think I know what the star system is but I'm not sure(when you make a lot of posts) 10P-* 50P-** 100P-*** 300P-**** 850P-***** *P=Posts * *=Stars Is that right? Just wondering!:D
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    How many MITM episodes have you seen?

    How many Malcolm In The Middle episodes have you guys seen?:D :) I've seen around 120. --CJMAN327
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    Help Creating a Quality Signature Banner

    I've been dying to know how to create an awesome banner like TJpeople, or that one with the cool colorful Malcolm IN The Middle rainbow banner with Malcolm, Dewey, Reese and Francis smiling on it! I've tried jazzing up my signature a little bit, but I really want a cool banner! Do you need...
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    Spoiler Tag Test

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    Malcolm In The Middle Survivor (Voting Game)

    Let's play "Malcolm In The Middle Survivor"! The first challenge is - Lois' Birthday. Someone posts a summary of this episode and we'll vote off whoever gets the least votes on this episode. Let's play!:)
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    Which character do you think has the best personality?

    What character do you think has the best personality?
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    What character do you think has the best personality?

    What character do you think has the best personality? Lois Hal Malcolm Reese Dewey Francis Jamie Stevie Piama Craig