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  1. allison

    The last picture show

    Now that the show will end pretty soon I made kind of a "goodbye" videoclip. :D :( I hope you like it:
  2. allison

    Another video

    I made a new video. It´s kind of a characterization. I know I did something like this before, but this one is a bit different and there´s also a lot of text. I hope you like it and I hope it´s not boring (especially since I made a characterization before). Here´s the link (I hope it works)...
  3. allison

    Beyond belief: fact or fiction?

    Does anyone know this show? In each episode there are 4 or 5 short stories in which mysterious things happen. Some of them are true and some were just made up. In the end Jonathan Frakes (host) reveals which stories actually occured and which stories were only fiction. One story that really...
  4. allison

    Wilkerson award show

    I hope this isn´t getting boring, but I made a new video. :D Since you´re giving out awards on this board I made a video where I gave out awards to the Wilkersons. I had to make 2 files since one would have been too large to upload it. I called them "awards part 1+2" and of course you should...
  5. allison

    Mitm fairy tale

    I´ve made a little "Mitm fairy tale". :D I don´t know if it´s good, it was just kind of an experiment. You can watch it here: (You have to log into my account first) Username: Allison Password: maruko and go to "my gallery". Then click...
  6. allison

    I´m not sure if this works

    I really don´t know if it works (if it doesn´t please delete this thread), but here´s a link to my video: I sent it to 2 people so far and that´s why there is a place you can download it now. But I´m not sure if everybody can...
  7. allison

    Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race

    Yesterday there was the annualToyota Pro/Celebrity Race. Frankie Muniz and Justin Berfield took part in it and Frankie even won. Unfortunately Justin couldn´t finish the race since he wrecked his car. Here are some articles about it...
  8. allison

    Favourite Quotes

    I don´t know if there already was a thread like this, but I´d like to know what your favourite quotes from the show are. Some of my favourites are these ones: Malcolm: Reese, give me your pocket knife. Reese: Ok, but if you miss her, you´ll only make her mader (talking about Lois)...