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    I have created a forum

    Hello everyone, I'd like to talk to you all about my new forum. It's called Super Fun Club, and it is for the discussion of anything. I'd really appreciate it of some of you here checked it out, here is a link :
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    The lounge

    We had this on my old forum, and on a ton of others. So, welcome, discuss anything you like. 3...2...1...DISCUSS
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    Which Malcolm charactor are you most like?

    I found this on a website called kidzworld. Try it. I'm most like Malcolm. Once you've done the quiz, write who you're most like in the comments.:)
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    If you like malcolm you'll also like...

    according to google, if you're a fan of MITM you will also like *Breaking bad *How I met your mother *The Simpsons *Scrubs *The Middle *The Big bang theory *South Park *House *Lost *That '70s show *Greys Anatomy *Charmed *Desperate Housewives *Drake and Josh *Friends *Heroes...
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    A MITM wiki

    Once I was visiting a Dr.Who forum and there was a doctor who wiki on it. I know that there is already a MITM wiki, but most of it is just copy_pasted from wikipedia and no one ever visits it. I think if we made a Malcolm wiki that only members of this site can edit and put it on the site it...
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    Malcolm X in the Middle

    here's another MITM parody, but it's unsuatible for anyone under 14: 1UFE6vRBdTw
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    Snot Pilgrim vs the wonderfull world of Disney/Malcolm in the middle earth

    this hilarious episode of MadTV contains a really funny MITM parody :)
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    If you owned a TV channel, what audience would you aim MITM at

    Malcolm has a target audience of both adults and children, but if you owned a TV channel, who would you aim it at. TV channels usually aim TV shows by using adverts, you can see by an advert what age group a show is aimed at. Also, any TV show shown after the watershed our (9.00 at night) is...
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    Family Sitcoms

    In case you're wondering, MITM isn't the only family sitcom. There's a list of family sitcoms at This thread is for a discussion for these, and any other family sitcoms.:)
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    Could Malcolm in the Middle be considered a teen sitcom?

    wikipedia describes a teen sitcom as Teen sitcoms are often comedic television series targeted towards teenagers, but are also popular with young adults as well as preteens. Older adults may enjoy them for nostalgic purposes. well, lets see if its like this with Malcolm; 1.tageted towards...
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    The infinite story

    OK, here's a fun game, I'm going to start a MITM story, and you guys add the rest of it. One rule, no endings, this story must go on for ever. ''One day, in military academy, Spangler suffered a heart attack while giving out to Francis. Francis was next to the telephone, should he call an...
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    What age is Dewey?

    In the episode ''Cliques'', Dewey gets chucken pox, which would mean he is 3-6 years old. In ''Chad's sleepover'' Hal says Dewey is under 10 years old. In ''Reese vs Stevie'', Hal says Dewey is going through puberty, an in the episode ''AA'', Rese says to Dewey ''what age are you, 12!?'', to...
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    Francis and Piama are really sitcom-y aren't they

    if you've ever seen sitcoms like ''Fawlty Towers'' or ''Some mothers do 'Ave 'em'', you'll see that lots of sitcoms revolve around a mad married couple. Francis and Piama from ''Malcom in the Middle'' are like that, aren't they?:)
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    3e is an Irish channell and they are showing Malcom in the Middle episodes from 7:00to 8:00 every weekday, horray:D:):w00t::2thumbsup::winkiss:
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    What age rating is malcom in the middle?

    just wondering, what age rating is malcom in the middle. I know all the DVD's are 12s but I have seen episodes where PG is written in a corner of the screen. Are the individual episodes PG, or are they rated PG by the TV company but not the DVD company?:confused:
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    Have you discovered ''Malcom in the Middle'' wiki?

    Malcom in the middle wiki is an encyclopedia full of facts about Malcom in the Middle. Plus, you can edit it and put in your own facts:).