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    Caroline - S1

    I'm starting to watch MitM sequentially, over again, and just tonight got to Krelboyne Picnic. Watching Caroline (Malcolm's early "Krelboyne Class" teacher) reminded me of how wonderfully supportive and sweet - if a bit kooky - she was while she was included. It finally hit me that she was...
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    Malcolm and the Camera

    I know that there is a post similar to this in the S7 forum, but I believe everyone will agree that it's not really that much of a spoiler, and I'd like to get some feedback but the S7 forums seem to be a little apathetic - so here we go! The mentioned post is about the usage of "breaking the...
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    Inexplainable Change?

    I don't know about any of you folks, but to me, about halfway through Season 6 I noticed a HUGE improvement in the quality of episodes. It could have just been my mood at the time, but from around Reese's Apartment to Malcolm's Car, I don't think I can say that a single episode got more than a...