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    'Malcolm' mom loving to the end

    'Malcolm' mom loving to the end "You're Not the Boss of Me" is the title -- and the pounding, wailing refrain -- of the theme song from Fox's no-bed-of-roses family sitcom "Malcolm in the Middle." The lyric by They Might Be Giants is a taunt among siblings in the process of tormenting...
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    Series Finale Clip!

    I know many of you are trying to be as much spoiler free as possible for those that cant wait, here goes Its been fun :)
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    Cattle Court Picture

    What is Reese screaming about, find out on Sunday's episode of "Cattle Court" :)
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    Graduation Pictures

    Last episode EVER Pics of Reese and Malcolm in their Graduation gowns. All good things have to come to an end, I guess :(
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    Episode: Morp Picture

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    "Stevie in the Hospital" Picture

    Here is a photo of Malcolm visiting Stevie. Check it out
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    Pic From "A.A."

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    Pic From "Lois Strikes Back"

    Check it out Info on the pic:
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    Last Episode of MITM Ever Spoilers

    This is about the last episode of Malcolm In The Middle. We have been all waiting for it and thinking about what it could be about. One Word Should be great. Expect:
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    Busey Class Connected to Gary Busey

    I was thinking this and it may have some truth to it. We all know that the "Busey class" in the Malcolm In The Middle world is for the "crazys", the "strange" etc. Well there is this actor named Gary Busey and has really been known for his insane behavior in his work and outside.
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    Big Spoiler To An Upcoming Episode

    This episode what I am about to describe is one of the last episodes of MITM. I wont give any more spoilers to this, but thought you'd like to hear that one. Let your imagination run wild with it.
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    Image From Episode: "Mono"

    Here you go Hal seems to be having loads of fun!
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    Season 7 on Sky One!

    Season 7 on Sky One - From 8th Jan 06 at 7PM skyone.gifMalcolm In The Middle Officially Starts on Sky One on Sunday January 8th 2006 at 19:00 with Burning Man Sunday January 15th 2006 at 19:00 with Health Insurance Sunday January 22nd 2006 at 19:00 with Reese Vs. Stevie Sunday January 29th...
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    Happy Birthday To Jane Kaczmarek!

    Her birthday was on December 21. Happy Birthday to Jane!
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    Image From "Malcolm's Money"

    Very Funny!