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    Reese or MitM?

    Im surprised at the enormous amount of Reese and Justin Berfield fans in this and every MitM discussion board! How many of you actually watch MitM because of him? PD- Don´t get me wrong. Reese is a cool character. Im just curious.
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    I'm back!!!

    Hi, everyone! I'm back. I won´t even ask if you missed me cause I know you didn't. Hi to the administrator, yardgames, megan and the other guys I know and whose names I don't remember. Well, see ya! PD- I recently talked to Bryan about the DVD releasing of Season 2. Not soon. Sorry.
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    People is already saying that some day, humans will be able to live in Mars or other planets. Some people even think humans will even visit other Galaxies. But I disagree with that for several reasons. The first and most important is that we will not last forever. No species can avoid...
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    War of the Worlds

    Have you seen this movie? If you have, what do you think about it?
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    The first step into Jurassic Park

    This headline aired in March of this year; hope you enjoy. If you already knew, sorry about the unnecesary thread. I just thought it was interesting enough...;) "WASHINGTON 2005- A 70-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus rex fossil dug out of a hunk of sandstone has yielded soft tissue, including...
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    Wich one are the episodes where you can see Bernard the hamster rolling by?
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    Female Reese

    Do you remember in the episode "If Boys were Girls", the girl that played Reese's female version? I think the three girls were perfect, but I liked her the most because she even had some of Reese's gestures and facial expressions. Did you realized that too? (Of course, the funniest was Francis...
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    Malcolm's artistic skills

    Do you remember that episode when Malcolm tries to play guitar and all he could do was to re-write the Meow Mix song? Lois and some others think that Malcolm doesnt hace any artistic talents, but I think he does. He was able to play the guitar very good. And I remember he used to be quite good...
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    Can I change my name?

    If you would like your username changed email me. tjpeople (Administrator) My user name was supossed to be Malcolm with capitalized M but I made a mistake and now my name is malcolm. It kind of makes me feel inferior...:Sick: There is any way I can fix that? If not, call me Malcolm anyway...
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    Now that this comunity has a member named Kracken... do you remember that monster in the opening of MitM, a giant monster that rises from sea? That monster is from Clash of Titans, a quite old movie about Greek mythologic creatures. In the movie, that monster was named Kraken... but the Kraken...
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    Do you think the boys physically resemble their parents? I was watching te show and I realized that, actually, Francis does look a bit like Hal. I mean, you can believe he is his son. What do you think about this, and about Malcolm, Reese and Dewey? And Lois?:confused:
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    Poor Lois...

    I know Lois is quite evil, but I was thinking that maybe she is misunderstood. She must be really tired of being Mom of five children, all of them male, all of them quite mean and problematic, without any friends, with a terrible Mom that has even sued her, a rather childish husband, lots of...
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    Bots and the bees

    How did Hal filled the killer robot with bees? :confused:
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    Stevie Kenarban

    I was thinking that maybe Stevie isnt really handicapped. You know, some times happens that when parents are too overprotecting, the kid can develop "imaginary diseases". My parents are doctors and they say thats more common than most people thinks. I mean, he needs a wheel chair and has a...
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    Agent Cody Banks

    What do you think about those movies? Have you already seen them? Do you like to watch movies with MitM actors? I really wanna know your opinions. See ya!