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    Back From Nowhere

    Hello People of MITMVC, I'm back after a long absence. My internet was blocked after hacking government servers, but now I'm back people to feed your hunger for MITM news. Greetings Roy Van Plateringen(Malcolm Wilkerson)
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    Malcolm in the middle PODCAST?

    Hello People, I have an question do you people want an 24/7 podcast with all the episodes of malcolm in the middle?? if you want it vote the poll Geetings Malcolm Wilkerson ( roy van plateringen ) Details: 1. An 24/7 online Video Window with episodes of malcolm in the middle 2. Its free ;)...
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    MITM Magazine

    Dear People of MITM, i'am gonna start an online Magazine for this site. what do you people want to see back in the magazine and some other ideas for the magazine. thank you greetings Malcolm Wilkerson(roy van plateringen)
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    Malcolm in the Middle Site NL

    Dear People of MITMVC, i want to start with apologisch because of my bad english i have an question may i start an Dutch version of MITMVC? if you people agree with it should you can help me with it if it has a start i can pick it up and go on my own next to you and if you want to it will...