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    Hey, they're on Malcolm!

    I was watching an episode of Seinfeld the other night, and Bryan Cranston was on it, playing a small role. I was wondering where you guys had seen some people from Malcolm. There are of course many obvious ones that most people are aware of, but what about some that you guys don't think...
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    Romance and Cigarettes

    Wasn't Romance & Cigarettes supposed to come out in august? I haven't even seen previews yet. I assume the release date was pushed back. Does anyone know when it's supposed to come out? Ryebeach, I'm looking in your direction:D
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    Malcolm in Entertainment Weekly

    Entertainment Weekly did it's fall TV preview this week, and wrote a quick blurb about most of the returning show. Here's what they wrote about MITM. (One thing in here might maybe be considered a spoiler, if you don't want to know anything about any upcoming plots.) "As Malcolm in the Middle...
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    Bid on Jane Kaczmarek autograph for charity

    jane.gifSomeone posted about this in the mitm_addicts community on livejournal. Since it was a good cause, I thought I would bring it over to the forums where more people would see it. A small breast cancer awareness bear with an attached tag signed by Jane Kaczmarek is being auctioned off...
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    it's been bugging me...

    Could someone explain what the heck this--> :Tupac: is supposed to be? I'm just not seeing it.
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    Is the family disfunctional?

    Allison said this in another thread: ...and it made me wonder what everyone else thinks. Since it was sort of hidden away in the TV, Movies, and Games board in the Grotto, I thought I would make a separate post for it. Would you consider the Wilkersons to be disfunctional?
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    Teenage girls in MITM

    Being a girl, I have really taken notice to how teenage girls are portrayed in Malcolm in the Middle. Most of them are... well... EVIL. Has anyone else noticed this? There were the naughty cheerleaders in House Boat (probably the best example of what I am talking about), and that girl in...
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    The baby question...

    In our speculations about season 7, a lot of people have been talking about Francis and Piama having a baby. I was wondering what everyone thought about that: First of all, would you, personally, like to see them have a baby? Is this a plotline that you are hoping for? Second, regardless...
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    Favorite character details

    There are a lot of small details about the characters of the show that come up from time to time. I really appreciate this. They add little quirks and details to the characters that aren't really necessary to the plot, but just make things more interesting. And they don't forget about them...
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    Season 6 ratings

    Entertainment Weekly compiled a complete ranking of the 2004-2005 TV season in their june 10th issue. (pg 97 if you ever want to grab a quick peek at a bookstore or something) So, if you're wondering how Malcolm ranked this season: The list goes from 1 to 156, number one being American Idol...
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    I need some verification...

    So, it's pretty obvious that switched kids that they use for Jamie, between the 5th and 6th season I think. I love the kid they use for Jamie now, but I digress... I was watching "Malcolm's Job" (season 5) in which Hal is betting on Jamie (the previous Jamie, not the new one) in all those...
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    Favorite music moments

    One of the great things about the way MITM is shot is that they get to use music in ways that a lot of sitcoms don't. Good song choice can make a joke ten times funnier. What are some of your favorite music moments in MITM? I think one of the best music moments was when Hal organizes the...
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    Reese is a Super Senior!

    Well, they finally brought up that it is Reese's senior year in tonights episode, "Busey's take a hostage." I know someone on some forum somewhere was wondering why they never talked about it. So what do you guys think of them having Reese repeat his senior year? I'm onboard. I really don't...
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    Subtle jokes

    Have you ever read the button on Lois's Lucky Aid uniform? It says "The 'L' stands for 'Value'." Has anyone else noticed little details and jokes that might be easy to miss?