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    Malcolm in the Middle Tier List

    Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed :)
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    Malcolm in the Middle Tier List

    They added so much to the show and really gave a good sense of the social dynamics that were in play in the earlier seasons of the show. Such a shame they were all written off aside from Stevie mid-way through the show!
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    Malcolm in the Middle Tier List

    Hey Y'all! Let me know if this is not the right spot to put in something like this, but I've done tier lists for other shows in the past and they've been a lot of fun. So I thought it would be especially great to make a tier list for a show with a rich main cast but equally rich supporting cast...
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    Hello everyone! Happy to be here!

    Hey guys, super glad to have found this forum. Malcolm has been one of my favorite shows since my childhood and it holds up like no other! Some other shows I have enjoyed would probably be Freaks & Geeks (which is cool since they share so much of the same cast) and That 70's Show. I also enjoy...
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    scott the woz thread

    Scott the Woz is only moving up. Very versatile and amazing creator.