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    Does Jane Kaczmarek have a fan mail address?

    Hi all. I would REALLY LOVE to be able to write Jane a fan letter asking for an autograph, but I haven't been able to find an address. Does anybody know of an accurate fan mail address for her?
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    What songs make you cry?

    I'm just wondering if there are any songs that make any of you cry and if so which ones? Here is my list: MICHAEL JACKSON SONGS: 1. Earth Song 2. Childhood 3. Stranger In Moscow 4. Man In The Mirror 5. Ben 6. Heal The World 7. I'll Be There 8. Got To Be There 9. Gone Too Soon 10. Music and Me...
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    The night I met Cloris Leachman 4/1/09

    Hi all. I know in my introduction I posted on this site I mentioned that I had met Cloris Leachman, but I didn't post the story. Here it is :) Me: I walked up to her and I was shaking and my face was all red and I was crying tears of joy. I said to Cloris: I made this card for you. Cloris...
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    Favorite (Favourite) singers/bands/music?

    I'm just cerious as to who your favorite singers and bands are. Here is my list: SINGERS: Michael Jackson Lady Gaga Judy Garland Aaron Carter Janet Jackson Liza Minnelli Jennifer Lopez Bing Crosby Mariah Carey Celine Dion Ray Charles Ella Fitzgerald Britney Spears Selena Quintanilla Perez...
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    What episode is this?

    Ok, so sometime in 2008 before June my sister and her boyfriend were watching an episode of Malcolm In The Middle in the living room. At the time I wasn't a fan of the show, but I remember the episode. It was where Lois found out she was pregnant with Jamie and I believe she was worried about...
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    Hello everybody, I'm new

    Hi everybody. My name is Emily and I am 17 years old which is why 17 is in my username and 14 is there because it is my lucky number. I can't eat foods containing gluten which is a protein found in wheat, flour, barley, malt, modified food starch(unless it is from corn), triticale, and rye...