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    Is this the end?

    Is this the end? Sadly with everything comes an end. One day every Breaking Bad and Call of a Duty forum will come to an utter end. I rewatch MITM for it is the realm of my adolescence. The fact that it is no longer bestowed in the mainstream is ornery. Shows like MITM, Married with Children and...
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    Need help

    Could I have the privilege of adding episodes to the rest of the seasons? I want to continue reviewing...
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    I'm starting a new project...

    Of reviewing all the un-reviewed episodes in order! I just did S1/Ep.7
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    What character would you like me to...

    Do an analysis for?
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    My introduction

    Hello those who still browse, I'm Jesse. I came across this site a few months ago due to my love for MITM. I've seen every episode ATLEAST 5 times. I have a major interest in politics, I am a libertarian. I do speech contests as you can see in my avatar :) I'm looking to help revive this...