Bryan Cranston - Breaking Bad - Season 5 - Comic Book Recap

Bryan Cranston - Breaking Bad - Season 5 - Comic Book Recap

Thanks for uploading these! For some reason I couldn't view them all on AMC's site..
Hi Karin,

Yes, I looked into the page info and found out about the real picture locations, so I could download them. I guess you can only view a few pictures at a time on their site using Flash, then you have to click the Close (X)-symbol, and after that you can continue.

Anyway, here is where you can view them all without obstructions:

As you've said before, it's a good idea to save them on this site, because, as with the older seasons promos, they are likely to be taken down after a while.

Best :D


P.S. I just finished S4 on VPRO, so it's a good thing to finally know where catchphrases like "I am the danger" and "I'm the one who knocks" come from! I had seen them all over the place on the web, but had no clue how they fitted in!
I’ve been watching season four on VPRO as well but I’ve seen it already. I’ve been following it as it airs in the US since the start of season 3. I just can’t wait but seeing it with subtitles on tv is refreshing because in the heat of the moment I often don’t hear/ comprehend all the words.

I've watched the first episode of the second half season five yesterday and it was one hell of an episode. I'm still very curious how it will all end. It's quickly spiraling out of control. (and still very weird to recognize so many places and streets.. ;) I’d love to go back there some time)

AMC's sudden flash player preference bugs the hell out of me. I can't view the season five pics properly either nor save them. :/

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