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Malcolm in the Middle on DVD?

In the USA only season 1 on Region 1 DVD has been released. In the UK, France and Germany all seasons are being released on Region 2 DVD. In Australia on Region 4 DVD. Sold at, in France at, in Germany at (available for import to other countries) and other reputable sellers.

What's the name of the theme song in the opening titles?

The Malcolm in the Middle theme song is "Boss of Me" by They Might Be Giants. You can watch the official music video on a number of YouTube accounts.

Is it true that Bryan Cranston (Hal) directed some episodes of Malcolm in the Middle? And Christopher Masterson (Francis)?

Yes, Bryan Cranston directed seven episodes of Malcolm in the Middle during its fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh seasons. The episodes were Stereo Store, Vegas, Dirty Magazine, Experiment, Buseys Run Away, Billboard, and Malcolm Defends Reese. Christopher Masterson directed one episode in season 7, Hal Grieves.

What does Krelboyne mean?

Krelboyne is the name given to the gifted students class to which Malcolm belongs. It is taken from the surname of the nerdy hero (Seymour Krelboyne) from the movie The Little Shop of Horrors (1960). It has a similar meaning as nerd and geek.

What clips are featured in the opening titles?

The opening titles feature short clips from cult films or television shows, edited together with clips from the early seasons of the TV series. These include, in order of appearance:
  • Three women fighting a giant turtle: From One Million Years BC (1966)
  • Grinning anime boy in rain: Shiogami from anime Nazca
  • The monster rising out of the ocean is the Kraken: From Clash of the Titans (1981)
  • Woman being held above a nest of hungry pterodactyl: From One Million Years BC (1966)
  • Anime guy skateboarding: From the anime Nazca
  • Mud-monster grabbing a woman as she kisses a man: From Creature From The Haunted Sea (1961)
  • Man ski-jumping while ignited in flames: From Thrill Seekers
  • Wrestling match: Canadian Bret Hart wrestling Canadian Chris Benoit (locking him in his finishing move, The Sharpshooter), during the WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match at WCW Mayhem PPV in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • Man attacking giant brain with an axe: From The Brain from Planet Arous
  • Boxer knocking out referee: Cuban Pedro Cardenas fighting Canadian Willie DeWitt but accidentally KO'd referee Bert Lowes instead, during the 1982 North American Championships in Las Vegas.

Which channels broadcast(ed) Malcolm in the Middle?

Malcolm in the Middle has been broadcasted in at least 40 different countries:

United States: Fox, Nick at Nite, TeenNick, IFC, Fuse, Netflix (video on demand), Amazon Prime (VOD), Hulu (VOD), Disney+ (VOD)
Canada: Global, YTV, Télé-Québec, OMNI Television
United Kingdom: Sky One, Sky Two, BBC Two, 5Star, Comedy Central
Bulgaria: bTV and Fox life
France: M6, followed by its subsidiary channels: Paris Première, 6Ter, W9
Italy: Italia 1
Spain: Antena 3, FOX
Croatia: Nova TV
Portugal: SIC Radical
Republic of Ireland: Sky One, TV3
Poland: Polsat
Chile: TVN, FOX
Germany: ProSieben, (RTL) Nitro
Denmark: TV 2 Zulu and TV3+
Netherlands: Fox, V8, Net5, SBS6, Veronica, Comedy Central, Disney+ (VOD)
Belgium: Kanaal Twee, Club RTL, Plug TV
Norway: TV 2
Singapore: Channel 5
Sweden: TV4
Austria: ORF1
Switzerland: TSR 1, RTS Un, RTS Deux
Middle East: MBC 4 (earlier MBC 2), Paramount Comedy 1
Israel: Bip
Asia: STAR World
Hong Kong: TVB Pearl
Malaysia: ntv7
Australia: Arena, Nine Network
New Zealand: TV3, 5:00 Sundays
South Africa: M-Net
Brazil: Fox, Record
Ecuador: Teleamazonas
Argentina: Canal 13, FOX
Mexico: Canal 5
Slovenia: Kanal A
Finland: MTV3
Ukraine: Novy Kanal
Thailand: True Series and Star World
Turkey: CNBC-e
Estonia: TV3
Russia: CTC (remake in Russian language, first season only)

How many episodes of Malcolm in the Middle are there?

There are 151 episodes including the pilot episode (assuming the 2-parters are two different episodes).

What is a Cold Open?

A Cold Open, sometimes called Cold Opener, is normally a short scene at the start of the episode before the opening titles, showing a small 20-40 second clip related to the episode. In Malcolm in the Middle, Cold Opens are very different; they are completely irrelevant to the plot with the exception of some 2-parters such as ‘Traffic Jam’, where Malcolm reminds us of what happened in the previous episode and ‘Reese Comes Home’ where we see Hal briefly talk about what happened previously.

Where is Malcolm in the Middle set?

The location of where the family lives is never revealed directly. It is known to us that Malcolm in the Middle was shot in California, and we can clearly see several instances where the California license plates are visible. Sometimes we are given small hints, like the distance from a particular city. Using these kinds of observations, many people make estimations about where they might live but the truth is that we can’t know for sure.

While the fictional location of the family is in doubt, there is of course a very real location where the series was shot. The scenes of the outside of the house were filmed at an actual residence, 12334 Cantura Street, in the Studio City district of Los Angeles. This house has since been demolished. The inside of the house was a set on Soundstage 20 at the CBS Radford Studios in Studio City. To give the impression of real scenery outside the set, painted or printed backdrops were used showing trees, shrubbery, housefronts etc.

Is it true that Malcolm in the Middle was based on the creator (Linwood Boomer)?

Yes, Malcolm in the Middle is a show that is loosely autobiographical of Linwood Boomer, since he also had 3 brothers and was the second youngest just like Malcolm (before Jamie came along). He also had a very strict mother. However, it isn’t entirely based on his life; a lot of Malcolm in the Middle is fictional.

I can’t seem to find the famous mistake in ‘Red Dress’, where is it?

Malcolm in the Middle doesn’t have too many production mistakes, however, out of the small amount there is, the Red Dress mistake is one of the biggest. It is where you see Lois turning the corner with the burnt, wet dress in her hand going to the kitchen where the kids are. You can very clearly see a person with a bucket in his hand, handing the wet dress to Lois. Since they are human, these things are normal; nevertheless it is still quite funny.

Why was Malcolm in the Middle cancelled?

The main reason Malcolm in the Middle was ended by FOX was because of the falling ratings in the last season; the drop in ratings was mainly due to the change in time slots, where Malcolm in the Middle was moved from Sundays to Fridays. Linwood Boomer did speak about possibly making the 7th season the last during the 6th season however it was not decided. It was finally announced by FOX, a few episodes before the last, that they would broadcast the final episode on May the 14th, 2006.

Why does YouTube keep taking Malcolm in the Middle episodes down?

YouTube is not the only site which is obliged to take down Malcolm in the Middle episodes or clips from episodes. Due to copyright laws, all websites must do the same. Of course the only exception to this is websites based in other countries where copyright laws are different or hardly enforced; however these websites are often very slow because of your location and the high number of visitors.

Is it true Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) is older than Justin Berfield (Reese) in real life?

Yes it is true. Frankie Muniz was born in 1985, December the 5th, whilst Justin Berfield was born in 1986, February the 25th making Frankie Muniz a few months older.

Who played the role of Jamie, the youngest brother?

Jamie was played by twins called James Rodriquez and Lukas Rodriquez. They were not credited in the end credits because only speaking roles were mentioned in the credits.

What is Piama’s surname?

Piama’s surname is Tananahaakna, as we find out in the episode “Hal Coaches”.

How long does a single episode run for?

Roughly 22 minutes without adverts; 30 minutes with adverts.

Why don’t we see the Grotto in season 6 and 7?

In season 6, we find out that all the payments Francis had made for Otto wasn’t actually to an A.T.M. So he was fired from the ranch and sued by Otto.

Which episodes where the main cast in?

Did Malcolm in the Middle have to deal with age restrictions and censorship?

Yes, in varying degrees. In the US, Malcolm was mostly rated PG, for parental guidance suggested. A number of episodes were rated TV-14 for 14 and over, but they are often censored (with scenes cut) by channels and then shown as PG. In the UK the series was restricted to 12 years and over, due to moderate sex references. Germany applied the yellow FSK label of 6 years and over, while in France the show was 'tous publics' - suitable for all. In Australia, it was labelled PG due to mild sexual references and infrequent coarse language, which means parental guidance under 15 is recommended, though not obligatory. In the Netherlands, it is rated 6 years and over as in Germany, with additional labels warning against some violence, terror and coarse language.

As for another type, pre-production censorship, in the script for "Water Park", at the end of Season 1, the babysitter (Bea Arthur) was supposed to kidnap Dewey. Producer Fox vetoed the idea, because it could imply condoning child abduction. Also, shots in the series of Hal running naked, and bare buttocks were often covered by pixel blocks. Other examples are that Fox would only allow smoking scenes if it was implied it was an addiction and harmful, and the bleeping or modification of curses, like jeezle for Jesus by Hal in the "Red Dress" episode.

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