View Full Version : Sons of Tucson - Episode 3

Mar 29, 2010, 02:31 AM
What a nice change of pace in this episode.

Directed by Fred Savage, this episode was a lot simpler and less contrived.

A classmate of Robby's (youngest brother) wants to come over for a sleepover. Ron (fake dad) agrees only because he wants to get on good terms with the kid's dad who happens to be a cop.

While the other 2 brothers are trying to make a home movie about an alien invasion during a global warming crisis - trying to strike all the right political tones for a short film contest to get to meet Steven Spielberg - the "family" tries to keep visiting classmate from spilling the beans about their fake dad arrangement.

Well, I had a feeling Robby was going to steal the show! This was a quirky little episode that finally showed the boys with some real human nature. Ron comes off as slightly less shallow as well since he could identify with the loner classmate.

There's a red herring subplot about smuggled viagra pills in a pair of llamas that didn't really quite gel, but overall, this was the best episode I've seen so far.


Jan 8, 2011, 01:55 AM
this is so far the best ep for me..