View Full Version : Bryan Cranston on times square billboard for "Breaking Bad"

Jan 26, 2010, 03:28 PM


A different sort of "White House" resident will be getting some play in Times Square this month, even though a controversial outerwear advertisement in which a certain Leader of the Free World was featured is due to be taken down. Its replacement -- a new and edgy ad from AMC -- features Walt White, the chemistry teacher turned drug kingpin from the network's Emmy Award-winning series Breaking Bad, the third season of which premieres on Sun., Mar. 21 at 10PM | 9C. (Click here to view photos of the billboard.)

Decked out in black jacket against the backdrop of the Great Wall of China, series star Bryan Cranston dresses things up with the latest in gas mask headgear, the most critical accoutrement in the drug-making biz. The tag line on AMC's version, "Getting Away With It Since 2008," references the first season the series debuted.

"Breaking Bad's Walt White is Mr. Chips, but he's taken a wrong turn along the way and turned into Scarface," says Charlie Collier, President of AMC. "This was an irresistible opportunity to get attention for a critically acclaimed and award-winning series."

For the full story on the billboards, check out the Associated Press article running in the Washington Post and other publications.