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  1. MPAA Close down TV Torrent Sites
  2. Strong Sunday for Sky One
  3. The War At Home
  4. Frankie Muniz puts home up for sale
  5. Season Six : In Review
  6. Over 2,500 Malcolm in the Middle Images
  7. FOX's Malcolm in the Middle third, beaten by ABC and CBS
  8. Frankie Muniz: Pimple Puss", or "Why Fox Won't Show 'Malcolm' in HDTV"
  9. 'Malcolm' Remains Central to FOX
  10. Malcolm moving from 7:30 Sunday to 8:30 Friday from fall
  11. Just Put Your Lips Together ...
  12. Fox confirms new schedule
  13. MITMVC Upgrades to Version 4 of FlashChat
  14. Bryan Cranston at the FOX Party
  15. TV Reminder: Punk'd Frankie Muniz Repeat
  16. BREAKING NEWS: 'Malcolm' maven exits - Boomer going!
  17. Season 7 Premier Date Confirmed
  18. Emmy nominations for MITM
  19. Frankie Muniz to marry...
  20. Muniz: Next Season Could be Last for Malcolm in the Middle
  21. Erik "surprised" at Frankie engagement.
  22. ABC Family Premieres "Beautiful People"
  23. Bid on Jane Kaczmarek autograph for charity
  24. Frankie caught up in Hurricane Katrina
  25. TRUTH or DARE?!
  26. MITM fails to win an Emmy
  27. Under 10 Days to Season 7 Premiere
  28. Sky Three for Freeview - Malcolm a possibility?
  29. Cranston an ordained minister
  30. Health Insurance
  31. Spoilers: Reese vs. Stevie
  32. Malcolm in the Middle DVD set to be delayed... again!
  33. Win a free copy of SCRUBS SEASON 2 on DVD!
  34. Spoilers: Halloween
  35. Spoilers: Jessica Stays Over
  36. Spoilers: Secret Boyfriend
  37. Spoilers: Blackout
  38. Important: Schedule Change!
  39. Stars Jump Up For New Basketball League
  40. Malcolm In The Middle Cast Going To March In A Parade
  41. Spoilers: Army Buddy
  42. Official: UK Premiere Dates revealed!
  43. Spoilers: Malcolm Defends Reese
  44. Spoilers: Malcolm's Money
  45. Bad news for Irish MITM fans!
  46. Sky One change their mind?
  47. Submit Your Signature to Wish Justin Berfield a Happy Birthday!
  48. Season 7 on Sky One!
  49. FOX sends Malcolm back to Sundays
  50. Malcolm has been cancelled !
  51. MITM Officially Cancelled: 2000 - 2006
  52. Frankie Muniz Supports Rebuilding of New Orleans
  53. Jane and Frankie on US talk shows this week!
  54. New projects announced for some MITM cast
  55. Frankie plans break from acting
  56. MITM Finale Forum Chat--May 14th!!
  57. MITM article in TVGuide
  58. Jane Kaczmarek on Ellen
  59. Article - "MITM at the end"
  60. Excellent Jane Kaczmarek article
  61. New film role for Frankie
  62. Top 10 TV Moms
  63. Commentary article regarding Francis
  64. 'Malcolm' mom loving to the end
  65. Another Finale Chat May 21st
  66. 'Malcolm' merits more at series' end
  67. More on Frankie and his films.
  68. Is 2006 the year for Jane Kaczmarek to finally win an emmy?
  69. New project for Justin's J2 Pictures
  70. Recap on cast's upcoming projects....Includin g new Bryan Cranston info
  71. Erik Per Sullivan's summer project...
  72. Frankie and Jamie are lovers -- still
  73. New Adminstrator for the MITMVC
  74. Cast Interviews
  75. New MITM Show? (No, it was Dewey's Therapy Sessions)
  76. Emmy 2006 - New article interviewing Jane Kaczmarek (Great news on her new show too!)
  77. 4 Emmy Nominations for MITM!!!
  78. Stay Alive coming to DVD...
  79. New film role for Bryan Cranston
  80. Round-up of Fall Work for Former MITM Cast and Crew
  81. Creative Arts Emmy Award Winners Announced
  82. Emmy Awards Announced
  83. New film role for Christopher Masterson?
  84. MITMVC Down Time
  85. Make an Episode Contest [Closed]
  87. Possible star announced for J2 Picture's upcoming film "Who is Doris Payne?"
  88. The OLD VC Forum ITS BACK!
  89. Frankie Muniz Racing Behind the Scenes [Video]
  90. Gary Anthony Williams (Abe - Stevie's Dad)
  91. Justin Berfield's (Reese) Redesigned Official Site Opens
  92. Download Season 2 Episodes
  93. Justin Berfield (Reese) may work with MITM Family again
  94. Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) Focused on Racing Over Acting.
  95. Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) Talks Racing [Video]
  96. Download Season 3 Episodes
  97. Bryan Cranston's (Hal) New AMC Series to Get the Greenlight?
  98. Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) Toronto Radio Racing Interview [Audio]
  99. Justin Berfield produces 'Blonde Ambition' [Trailer] [DVD Release]
  100. Christopher Masterson (Francis) and Laura Prepon Split
  101. Justin Berfield (Reese) Sues Over Moldy Home
  102. World Premiere/Distribution news on Frankie Muniz' latest film "My Sexiest Year"
  103. Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) and Jamie in Beverly Hills
  104. Chris Eigeman (Lionel Herkabe) Interview
  105. Malcolm Sells - Sex Doesn’t
  106. Christopher Masterson’s (Francis) The Art of Travel [Trailer] [DVD Out Now]
  107. Jane Kaczmarek (Lois) to 'Live with Ed'
  108. Bryan Cranston (Hal) Leading Man Material
  109. Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) Racing in Portland
  110. Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) : From Actor to Driver [Video]
  111. Malcolm in the Middle: Caption This!
  112. Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) Atlantic Portland Race 1 [Video]
  113. Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) Atlantic Portland Race 2 [Video]
  114. TV Land Visit Finale Set of Malcolm in the Middle [Video]
  115. Erik Per Sullivan's (Dewey) 'MO' [Rockefeller Plaza] [UPDATE] [DVD Release]
  116. Frankie Muniz's (Malcolm) 'Stay Alive' Game?
  117. Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) Gains New Racing Sponsor
  118. Amanda Beard - 'Frankie Muniz, He’s the Biggest Sweetheart'
  119. Watch & Download Season 4 Episodes
  120. Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) at US Grand Prix Weekend
  121. Frankie Muniz 'The Legend of Secret Pass' Movie
  122. Bryan Cranston's (Hal) 'Breaking Bad' Gets Go-ahead
  123. NBC is Not 'With Stupid' and Linwood Boomer
  124. Bryan Cranston (Hal) to Star on Stage
  125. MITMVC 'Fan Video' Contest!
  126. Malcolm (Not) in the Middle?
  127. Bryan Cranston (Hal) a Top Physical Comedian
  128. Trying to Keep Kids Just Kids
  129. Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) Cleveland Interview
  130. Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) Cleveland Grand Prix Report
  131. Alex Reid (Producer) ABC Deal
  132. Chris Masterson (Francis) Back with Laura?
  133. Ken Kwapis's (Producer) 'License to Wed' Disappoints [Trailer]
  134. Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) andPOP Interview [Video]
  135. They Might Be Giants on Tour
  136. Jane Kaczmarek (Lois) at 'Beastly Ball'
  137. Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) From Tap to Track
  138. Frankie (Malcolm) Finishes 9th in Toronto
  139. Happy 16th Birthday Erik!
  140. Frankie (Malcolm) and TMZ Trash!
  141. Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) TheStar Interviews [Video/Audio]
  142. Chris Mastersons 'The Art of Travel' Behind the Scenes #3 UPDATE #4 #5 [Video]
  143. Bryan Cranston (Hal) ‘Chapter Two’ Interview
  144. Jane Kaczmarek (Lois) New Toys
  145. Jane Kaczmarek (Lois) Reads ‘Strange Son’
  146. Jane Kaczmarek (Lois) Talks Money
  147. Six Degrees of Jane Kaczmarek (Lois)
  148. Bryan Cranston (Hal) Another ‘Chapter Two’ Interview
  149. Justin Berfield (Reese) ‘Rocks the Kasbah’
  150. Frankie Muniz is Buddy Holly in ‘Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story’ [Watch his Scene]
  151. Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) Edmonton Interview
  152. Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) SpeedFreaks Interview [Video]
  153. Bryan Cranston (Hal) as Lucifer in 'Fallen' [Trailer] [Update]
  154. Bryan Cranston (Hal) ‘Chapter Two’ Reviews
  155. Bryan Cranston (Hal) 'Breaking Bad' [Photo][Video][Reviews] Filming Season 2
  156. Justin Berfield 'Romance and Cigarettes' [Trailer] [In Select Theaters] [DVD Release]
  157. Jane Kaczmarek (Lois) Stars in 'Raising The Bar' on TNT [Watch Episode 1]
  158. Chris Masterson New Movie 'Made for Each Other' Trailer, out 'On Demand'
  159. Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) This or That? [Video]
  160. Be a fan of MITM on MySpace
  161. Malcolm in the Middle on FX this Fall
  162. Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) Racing Update
  163. Jane Kaczmarek (Lois) Portrait Auction
  164. Justin Berfield (Reese) Updates Us!
  165. Jane Kaczmarek (Lois) to Star on Stage
  166. On the Set of Frankie's 'My Sexiest Year'
  167. Watch Frankie Muniz in 'Extreme Movie' [DVD Release]
  168. Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) New Movie 'Division III'
  169. Bryan Cranston in ‘The Hollywood Quad’ Pilot [Video] [Update]
  170. Erik Per Sullivan (Dewey) Mom Becomes U.S. Citizen
  171. Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) Larks Around! [Video]
  172. Frankie Muniz in 'Danny Roane: First Time Director'
  173. Frankie Muniz's 'My Sexiest Year' [Premiere][Gets US Distribution][Review][UPDATE]
  174. Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) Guest Star on 'Criminal Minds' [Watch the Episode Here]
  175. Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) at the Emmys [Photo]
  176. Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) at 'The Palms' Party [Photos]
  177. Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) Slams Lindsay Lohan’s Career
  178. New MITMVC 'Site Staff' Wanted!
  179. Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) at 'Hands on the Wheel' [Photos]
  180. Justin Berfield (Reese) Producing New Movie 'Escobar'
  181. Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) Racing in Utah [Video]
  182. Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) at Sidekick Launch [Video]
  183. Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) Jogging [Photos]
  184. Jane Kaczmarek (Lois) 'Clothes Off Our Backs' Update
  185. Jane Kaczmarek (Lois) in Spalding Gray Monologue
  186. Bryan Cranston's 'Fright Site' Horror Film
  187. Frankie Muniz in ‘Sports Illustrated for Kids’ Magazine
  188. Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) Out and About
  189. Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) and Mystery Girl [Video]
  190. Frankie Muniz Racing Plans for 2008
  191. Christopher Masterson attends Martial Arts Event
  192. Jane Kaczmarek (Lois) Goes Back to Her Highschool! [Video]
  193. Jane Kaczmarek (Lois) at 'Enchanted' Premiere
  194. Christopher Masterson’s New Movie ‘Dark Mind’ on DVD [Trailer]
  195. Happy Birthday Frankie Muniz!
  196. Christopher Masterson (Francis) in Street Fight [Video]
  197. Frankie Muniz and Jack Osbourne Go Partying!
  198. Frankie Muniz, Older Women, Basket Ball, Tennis and Travel
  199. Frankie Muniz StreetFire Interview at SEMA [Video]
  200. Justin Berfield's J2 Pictures Update
  201. Jane Kaczmarek's Favorite Traveling Songs
  202. Jane Kaczmarek at Williamstown Gala
  203. Frankie Muniz Puts House Up For Sale [Photos]
  204. Frankie Muniz at the GYM [Video & Photo]
  205. Happy Birthday Jane Kaczmarek!
  206. Frankie Muniz 20th Richest Celeb Under 25
  207. Happy Holidays! [Watch S03E07 - Christmas!]
  208. Cloris Leachman’s (Grandma Ida) Autobiographical One-Woman Show
  209. Malcolm in the Middle Writers in the WGA Strike
  210. Exclusive: Erik Per Sullivan (Dewey) Answers Your Questions!
  211. Frankie Muniz Grand Cayman Golf
  212. Frankie Muniz and the Paparazzi at Hyde [Video]
  213. Watch Chris Masterson's 'The Masquerade' Short Film
  214. Frankie Muniz Interview and Racing Update
  215. Frankie Muniz, Jamie and Dogs [Photo]
  216. Justin Berfield to Establish Film Commission in Cayman Islands
  217. Frankie Muniz at ‘Cloverfield’ Premiere [Photos]
  218. Frankie Muniz Kisses Jamie and Dances [Video]
  219. Happy Birthday Christopher Masterson!
  220. Frankie Muniz on Ex-Fiancée: 'It's a Very Awkward Situation'
  221. Promotion: Malcolm in the Middle - Revenge of the SuperGeek!
  222. Bryan Cranston Co-Star in 'Love Ranch'
  223. Writers Guild of America Strike Ends!
  224. Frankie Muniz Racing Major Update [Photos Frankie and Bryan Cranston]
  225. Frankie Muniz in his Garage [Photos]
  226. Happy Birthday Justin Berfield! [Photos]
  227. Jane Kaczmarek in Winter Gala and Interview
  228. Jane Kaczmarek Clothes Off Our Back Update [Photos]
  229. Jane Kaczmarek on What Having Children Has Made Her Realize
  230. Rumor: Frankie Muniz and Ellen Page?
  231. Bryan Cranston on ‘Jay Leno’ and ‘Rachael Ray’ [Video]
  232. Happy Birthday Bryan Cranston!
  233. "Britney Law" may help Frankie?
  234. The Social - MITMVC on Facebook, Myspace, Bebo and Twitter!
  235. Bryan Cranston on ‘Talkshow with Spike Feresten’ [Video]
  236. Todd Holland's 'Miss Guided' TV Show
  237. Random Muniz Blogging
  238. Complete MITM series shown on Dutch Comedy Central Channel
  239. Long Beach Grand Prix
  240. Justin Berfield Producing New Film 'An Invisible Sign of My Own'
  241. Bryan Cranston Gets 2008 Emmy Nomination!
  242. Malcolm in the Middle in EW's 100 Greatest TV Shows
  243. Frankie Muniz to Leave Hollywood
  244. Racing Safety Interview
  245. Happy Birthday Erik Per Sullivan!
  246. FOX: We’re ready for our next ‘Malcolm in the Middle’
  247. Justin Berfield Sued Over 'Escobar' Movie
  248. Jane Kaczmarek Reads ‘Thank You, Mr. Falker’
  249. Jane Kaczmarek Backstage at ‘The Little Mermaid’ [Photos]
  250. Jane Kaczmarek on 'Earth Day'