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  1. Dewey's Therapy Sessions
  2. "Help Me Help You" and other MitM-related stuff
  3. Where are they now
  4. So what do you watch now that MITM is done with?
  5. Justin's website
  6. Happy Birthday, Justin!
  7. Bryan Cranston on "Thank God You're Here"
  8. Frankie in Racing Car crash + Racing updates
  9. Christopher Kennedy Masterson
  10. Did anyone Feel like crying when mitm was over? or when they knew it was
  11. Anyone heard about this new project from Justin Berfield??
  12. Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) Perez TRASH
  13. Would Justin Berfield make a good couple with Amanda Fuller?
  14. On Air Replacement
  15. The new girlfriend of Frankie Muniz
  16. Awards
  17. Where is Justin?
  18. Frankie's racing
  19. Anyone miss MITM?
  20. Catherine Lloyd Burns as Mother Nature
  21. When was Frankie last living in LA?
  22. Bryan Cranston nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Serie
  23. Frankie Muniz interviewed by North Valley Magazine, April/May 2009
  24. Bryan Cranston on times square billboard for "Breaking Bad"
  25. Erik Per Sullivan genuine Twitter account?
  26. Sons of Tucson Pilot episode free on iTunes
  27. Sons of Tucson - Episode 2
  28. The Middle - getting better
  29. Sons of Tucson - Episode 3
  30. Hayden Panettiere (Jessica) is the Cheerleader in Heroes
  31. Tania Raymonde (Cynthia) is in Lost
  32. What do you guys think about "Breaking Bad"? [SPOILERS]
  33. Which show was more popular....
  34. My Lengthy Goodbye to a Very Important Show In My Life
  35. How would you compare the Brady Bunch to MITM?
  36. Frankie Muniz hinting at an acting comeback?
  37. Erik Per Sullivan gay?
  38. Want to find places to watch MITM
  39. Lois
  40. Frankie Muniz in MyTekLife Magazine
  41. Frankie Muniz Movies
  42. What do you think about the movie Twelve?
  43. He's everywhere!!!
  44. Frankie muniz on new girl!!!!!
  45. Whats going on with Sullivan?
  46. Who is your favorite actor and why?
  47. What does Reese / Justin do now ?
  48. Man named Walter White wanted on meth charges in Tuscaloosa County
  49. A truly shocking mash-up: Breaking Abbey
  50. Frankie Muniz touring the UK with band Kingsfoil!
  51. Erik Per Sullivan, what is he up to now?
  52. Bryan Cranston in behind the scenes video here for Writer's Block Indie short
  53. Breaking Bad Alternate Ending
  54. Bryan Cranston in funny Emmy Promo 'Barely Legal Pawn'
  55. Bryan Cranston in funny one-man baseball commercial
  56. Remember the kid from Hal's "Jump Jump Dance Party" contest?
  57. Does anybody watch malcom in the middle anymore?
  58. Frankie Muniz is coming to Switzerland and France
  59. Frankie Muniz doesn't remember starring on Malcolm in the Middle
  60. Hilarious Russian shot-for-shot remake of Malcolm in the Middle!