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Thread: Malcolm In The Middle COMPLETE 1080p WEBrips

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    Default Malcolm In The Middle COMPLETE 1080p WEBrips

    Hey guys, after a bit of convincing I have secured a reputable netflix ripper to do all of malcolm in the middle in 1080p netflix WEBRip however there is a slight catch, he will do it for a donation of $50 USD in equivalent bitcoin, this is for season 1-7 in 1080p with 5.1 sound.

    Normally I would just donate myself however my job that I have worked at for almost 4 years has decided to employ two young people and now I havent got hours, so currently looking for other work.

    Thought I would post it here due to the many fans that I am sure would love to be able to have this, as others might know S01-S03 were done by german group TVS, but only in 720p and only S01-S03, so now we got the chance to get S01-S07 in 1080p with 5.1 audio, sounds great to me.

    If you want to donate pm me or even just reply to thread, I think it would be easiest to simply paypal donate, then i can send the total equivalent in bitcoins to the encoder to do the show.

    The encoders scene name goes by "Ntb" I am sure some of you have heard that name, he does great quality rips.


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    1. I would donate half the amount in a heartbit, if i had a sure way to know you are not some kind of Nigerian prince (scam).
      (no offense, just can't send money to someone i don't know. if you could covince this site management that you are legit, it will help).
    2. Season 6 and Season 7 are NOT available in 1080p at Netflix. here is how you can check it: play MITM in Edge or Explorer and when the episode is playing, press the combination: Ctrl + Alt +Shift + S, you will see that the highest resolution is only around 1300. unlike the first 5 seasons when is much more.
      i know it's strange that early seasons are highest quality, usually it's the oposite, but check it out and you will see.
      here screenshots from Netflix. Season 4, Season 7:
      Season 4 Example.pngSeason 7 Example.png

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    I understand completely, I have funded this and am yet to pay, will update on the progress, that is a shame about S06 and S07, I didn't even realise, that is really weird.

    I do have a S07 720p HDTV rip (except S07E01) and believe I have a source for 720p S06 but it may be upscaled/ poor quality.

    I will update this thread when S01-S05 are done. 1080p 5.1 audio, If only s06 and s07 were hd then we could have a complete set

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    I'm sure this is meant with the best of intentions, but just want to note donating should be done at everyone's own risk.
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