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Thread: What is the name of this song.

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    Smile What is the name of this song.

    In Episode 6, 14 Ida looses her leg, then dewey orders the legs from the hospital and during he unpacks it a music is played that i would like to know.

    The part where the music plays is at 9:46 of this video


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    Ah, the jazzy, finger-snapping whistling tune! Yes, it's a nice one, but I wonder if it's from a song or just incidental music either written for the occasion by Charles Sydnor, or from some music library you can buy 'mood music' from.


    By the way, I'm glad someone finally identified the song that plays when Ida rescues Dewey. It's Traffic Jam in Moscow by Russian-American band Limpopo:


    As you may know, our French partner site hosts audio of nearly all of the MITM soundtrack, also the Russian tune:
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