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Thread: Would Lois like Craig if she was single?

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    Default Would Lois like Craig if she was single?

    In the "Robbery" episode of season 2, Craig confesses his feelings for Lois because he thought they were going to die. Lois rejects him.

    Would Lois accept Craig if she was single? (not married)

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    I strongly doubt it. Craig is needy and often pretty manipulative. He's had a tough time of it so he is bitter, yes, but he doesn't really have much empathy for others. Give him a little power and he becomes a dictator. Lois would never tolerate someone like him in a relationship.

    Hal has his weaknesses, but he is very devoted to her and they have a very strong emotional bond. I think of how upset he was when he called her "guy" when leaving for work. Craig would not be so sensitive and would never have come back to apologize to his "goddess."

    Lois would have wound up with the zookeeper if Hal had had not been in the picture!


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