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Thread: Dewey and Brick

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    Default Dewey and Brick

    Well, hello, since I watch The Middle (and enjoy very much) I've decided to clear that Brick isn't a clone of Dewey.

    Dewey -> Talked to pets, kids and some imaginary friend.
    Brick -> Whispers to his belly or somewhat, I dunno but he's really a funny character on the serie.

    The Middle isn't a copy of Malcolm in the Middle, if you watch it, some parts yes but not all, basically the name makes it stick as it would've been plageirism (don't think it's correctly written).

    I just hope it has more than just one season and makes it to DVD, so then I can own it.

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    The title of this thread immediatley put me in mind of the ep where Dewey takes Lois' purse to school. Reese warns him that it's a terrible idea so D chucks a brick in it!


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