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Thread: Will Malcolm have an Exit like Friends?

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    Default Will Malcolm have an Exit like Friends?

    Will Malcolm end like Friends, with all the hype and the crying and such like, or will we see it get quietly kicked off the Fall 2006 lineup?

    It would be nice if they end it this season anticipating it being cancelled, so that if it is we won't be disappointed and if it isn't we will have a great storyline to see followed up next season.

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    Default Re: Will Malcolm have an Exit like Friends?

    unfortunately I guess they won't make a big deal about the cancellation of the show. I wish but I don't think this is going to happen.
    Maybe this show doesn't have that "brilliant" and "clever" sense of humor as it is shown on Friends or Sex and the City.

    Don't ask ME.

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    Default Re: Will Malcolm have an Exit like Friends?

    Friedns is a happy ending tho. And id like mitm to end happy. they must realise cancellantion and do a special at the end of season7 or i believe it will be a big mistake. they havent done a special 4 awhile. maybe we will see 1 next season.
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    Default Re: Will Malcolm have an Exit like Friends?

    It probably won't get much publicity, but I'm sure they will probably a proper ending to the show. Since it's single camera there won't be the whole standing ovation and bows at the end and whatnot, but they should come up with a good way to wrap up the show rather than just ending like many of the induvidual seasons have.

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    Default Re: Will Malcolm have an Exit like Friends?

    Linwood Boomer said he's starting prep on the next season of Malcolm as if it will be the last, hoping to end the series on a high note.

    So, I don't think we have to worry about the show ending without any closure.

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