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Thread: Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) Toronto Radio Racing Interview [Audio]

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    Default Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) Toronto Radio Racing Interview [Audio]

    Front Page Post.

    Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) talks about racing on Toronto's 999 MixFM.

    Includes; message from Christopher Masterson's (Francis) Mum; Talk (again) about picking up girls; Does Frankie need to work?; Frankie on Punk'd (inside info).

    Thanks to for the clip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tjpeople View Post
    Talk (again) about picking up girls
    He has been asked that in like every interview lately. If the interviewer knows he is supposed to be enganged they may be trying to get him to accidently reveal a scoop on thier program.

    It would be funny if he just said something over the top to those questions like what do you mean is it easier to get girls as an actor or racer, I get all the girls from both! It is actually surprising he seems to really think about and try to give a serious awnser. I don't think his fiance has been seen with him or at his racing events this year...


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