Prior to Season 7 starting, we had a discussion of things we didn't want to see:

- Any characters killed off
- Dewey have a girlfriend/boyfriend
- Dewey to join the Krelboynes

- Malcolm to remain being a loser and social reject - Can't anything go right for him!
- Lois to have another child

- Strewn together episodes, or single storyline eps
- Jamie doesn't turn out to be the "perfect child"
- No more sensitive Reese.
- No missing Francis
- No happy/perfect/sappy
- Stevie "miraculously" cured
- Jamie won´t miraculously age 3 years or something
- Hal will "calm down" a bit and won´t be as crazy as he was in the 6th season
- No more of the Buseys
- Dewey should become less arrogant this season.
- Piama pregnant(or else near the end)
- Many episodes focused on the parents, especially Hal.
- Not too much sensitive Dewey, I prefer to see his smartness and rancour.
- No more stupid stuff about Dewey like in no motorcycles in which he still believes in the tooth fairy and he believes Hal when he promises him a trip on a rocket ship (completely ridiculous).
-No neglected Dewey, yes I know I'm obsessed by Dewey, but he's my favourite character.
- Poor or absurd idea and lack of perfectionnism(like in the two last seasons)
- A character who comes back overnight like Kitty did (or else near the end)
- A third clip show.
- Reese and Malcolm in the same class

I think that Dewey had well and truely gone past the "cute" stage this season and he had begun to act like a teenager. This is evident in several episodes; Bride of Ida and College Recruiters to name two I can remember.

And on that note, Malcolm and Reese, despite both having graduated this season, showed little evidence of maturity, particularly in A.A. At their ages, they should have been long past doing what they did to Dewey, as should Francis with his "Brotherhood Initiation" process from Season 6.

What are you guys' thoughts?