i was flicking over on sky and came accross E! news which had a small review on the ending of malcolm. i missed half the interview as i was flicking, but i am gonna try and catch it again.

anyways, they had a small interview with frankie, justin, and erik and frankie was saying how he was crying while saying his lines, and he had tears in his eyes. erik came on (it looked as if they had just come off set as erik had his "pizza" jumper on) saying how its the end, and justin finally said how the entire crew has been with them for the past seven years and no one has left, (but im pretty sure that one or two have left, and one or two have joined).

Spoiler for small spoiler:
it cut to a small spoiler of the van by the garage and "something" exploded in the van and all the windows went dark.

another one was frankie running from the van, (i think).

anyways a little off topic:
this may sound sad on my behalf, but i cried (a little) when brookside finished, so imagine what im gonna be like for malcolm!

i am starting to accept that production for the show has officially finished and items are bieng sold on ebay (i would LOVE that sofa!!!) so i am "understanding" (if thats the right word) that the show is finally over, well, after the last episode airing on sunday.

anyways, sorry to rabbit on,