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Malcolm in the Middle VC - Forum FAQ

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Why hasn't Season 2 been released on DVD in the USA?

Season 2 has not been released because of the high cost of clearing music rights. There is no official word on when or if it ever will. Watch the front news page for the any developments. Seasons 1 - 7 have now been released in the UK where music rights are less expensive. On sale at

I have seen all seasons for sale - is this for real?

You may see all seasons of Malcolm in the Middle sold online - however unless they are Region 2 DVDs and from a reputable sellers like, HMV or then these will be illegal fakes. We strongly recommend you avoid those.

Other seasons on DVD?

There is no official information on when or whether any other seasons will be released in the USA. Anything you may read is all based on rumours or speculation. Watch the front news page for the any developments. However starting in 2012 seasons 1-7 have been released on Region 2 DVD in the UK available at

Where can I buy the Seasons 1-7 on DVD?

You will find the Season 1 Region 1 DVD for sale at Seasons 1-7 on Region 2 DVD are sold at, HMV, and other reputable places. does deliver internationally, however ensure your DVD player can play Region 2. You may find seasons on eBay for less money but be careful as some fakes are sold.

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