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May 20, 2005, 03:20 PM
Well, it hasn't been the best of seasons for Malcolm in the Middle this year, with very few of those high class episodes appearing in the line-up. While many of the episodes have laughable moments, and fantastic subplots and secrets revealed, it felt like something was missing, almost all the way through.

The Malcolm plots also seemed rather mundane this season as well, with very few episodes having a main story focus on the so called central characters. One of my most disappointments this season was the lack of a positive or less cynical Malcolm plot, why does everything have to end badly for him?
There was also an absence of uniqueness in this season, with the Malcolm talking to the camera almost vaporising from our screens, some of the episodes felt simply too short, or the story was to thin that it really wasn't as great as the title implied it could be.

Enough of the negative side, after all NBC's hit comedy Friends had a terrible sixth season, and went on to produce 4 more spectacular seasons.

One of the most wonderful things about this season was the expansion of the storyline away from its focus almost entirely on Malcolm. No longer do we have the main plot on Malcolm and everyone else cardboard cut outs. This season really showed some depth to the other characters which we had never seen before. Secrets about Lois were revealed and the talents of Dewey and Hal almost dually noted among episodes. Theses were all superbly scripted into the episodes, and really made to be believable. One of the highlights of the season is the "past" seasons, which were brilliantly acted by Jane Kazmerck and Bryan Cranston.

While we've had some really drab and boring episodes this season, we have had some gems.

My top 5 episodes have been..
Ida Loses A Leg
Busey's Run Away,
Ms. Tri-County

Although the latter four are not as good as some of the earlier season, Stilts was a remarkable asset to the series as a whole, and I hope that the writer of that episode will be nominated for an Emmy this year, as he or she deserves it. Ida losing a leg was also one of those gems of an episode, who ever would have seen it coming, the body builders in Busey's Run Away, the single plot line in Billboard and the whistling in Ms. Tri-County were all fantastic.

As per usual the acting was fantastic with great performances from all the main actors including Jamie!

Overall this season deserves a classy 7.5/10

May 20, 2005, 05:12 PM
I actually thought season six was much better than season five. My all-time favorite from the season was Hal's Christmas Gift. I've talked about it quite a bit in December, but I thought it was an extremely well-done episode. And not just the Lois scene--the entire episode was laugh-out-loud for me.

Other great eps:
Buseys Run Away
Dewey's Opera
Tiki Lounge
Motivational Seminar

Wow, that's a lengthy list, isn't it? For me, Ida Loses a Leg was good, but it didn't live up to its hype. And hype is a lot of it, I think. If you're expecting a "good" episode, then the episode needs to be a lot better than if you're expecting a drab ep.

Billboard needed an additional storyline for me, as it dragged on a bit too long, and Ms. Tri-County was an utter disappointment for a finale.

But overall, I thought it was a great season and am looking forward to season seven. The bit about Reese failing his senior year in Buseys Take a Hostage was aboslutely fantastic.