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1x01 Pilot

Malcolm is transferred into the accelerated learning class and has to learn to deal with it.
83861 10.00 10 reviews
1x02 Red Dress

It's Hal and Lois' wedding anniversary. All is good until Lois finds her new dress burned and soaked. While Hal eats alone, Lois puts the boys through trial by fire (no pun in ...
12441 None 1 reviews
1x03 Home Alone 4

When Hal and Lois attend a wedding, Francis babysits the boys.
8873 10.00 1 reviews
1x04 Shame

Malcolm beats up an annoying 7 year old. Hal cuts down a tree in their yard, and the neighbors become angry.
6083 10.00 2 reviews
1x05 Malcolm Babysits

The family is forced to live in a trailer in their front yard while their house is fumigated; meanwhile, Malcolm becomes a babysitter for a rich family.
8508 9.00 1 reviews
1x06 Sleepover

Malcolm stays overnight at Stevie's house and has to suffer from parental monitoring.
7031 10.00 2 reviews
1x07 Francis Escapes

Francis goes AWOL from military school for his crush. Malcolm accidentally tells Lois.
24903 8.00 1 reviews
1x08 Krelboyne Picnic

Malcolm's class demonstrates their abilities at a picnic.
6783 None 1 reviews
1x09 Lois vs. Evil

Lois gets fired after Dewey steals a $150 bottle of cognac from the store. Francis is honor-guard at a beauty pageant.
7577 7.00 1 reviews
1x10 Stock Car Races

Hal takes the boys to see stock-car races on a school day. While she's looking for her paycheck, Lois cleans the house and finds enough evidence to ground the boys for life. F ...
6847 None 1 reviews
1x11 Funeral

Malcolm tries to avoid going to Lois's aunt's funeral.
10120 7.00 3 reviews
1x12 Cheerleader

Reese joins the cheerleading squad to impress a girl he's interested in.
21215 7.00 1 reviews
1x13 Rollerskates

Hal has his own methods for teaching Malcolm to rollerskate. Lois hurts her back, is forced to rest in bed, and refuses to take medication so as to stop Reese and Dewey from m ...
9316 9.00 1 reviews
1x14 The Bots and the Bees

With Lois visiting Francis at military school, Hal helps the Krelboynes make a robot.
8680 7.00 2 reviews
1x15 Smunday

The boys stay home on a school day when Lois is so sick she thinks it is Sunday. Hal considers buying a Porsche. The boys get a letter from Francis's academy saying he drove a ...
7783 7.00 1 reviews
1x16 Water Park (1)

The family goes to a water park while Dewey stays home with an elderly babysitter.
16824 10.00 1 reviews