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Happy 20th Birthday Erik Per Sullivan

Happy birthday to Erik Per Sullivan, who is 20 today! Everyone at the Malcolm in the Middle Voting community wishes him a great day.

We haven’t heard too much from Erik recently, his Twitter account having been quiet since April (and that was after a multi-month hiatus), but we hope to hear some more soon! (We miss you on Twitter, Erik!)

To celebrate his birthday, here is Erik, quite some time ago now, playing ‘The Little Boy’ in the short film Once Not Far From Home from 2004.

Once again, Happy Birthday Erik!

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Erik Per Sullivan (Dewey) on Twitter & New Photos!

Erik Per Sullivan February 2010

Last year I called out for some new photos of Erik and last month we where excited to see Erik join Twitter which brought us… pictures! Big news seeing as we’d had near zero new information on Erik for years.

I’ve gotten way to lazy and afraid of rejection to go out for projects, plus college rocks. Just hoping USC’s SCA takes me! – @ErikPers

He’s at USC but doesn’t find out if he’s got into the Film & Television Production major until May. I’m sure you’ll get in Erik! Follow @ErikPers on Twitter.

The only thing cuter than little kittens… Is Justin Bieber! I just ordered my fan pack 2.0 – @ErikPers

Photos are by Justin Bettman (a friend of Erik’s and photographer) who took them as part of a photo shoot last month. Thanks Justin!

Erik Per Sullivan February 2010 Erik Per Sullivan February 2010

Erik Per Sullivan February 2010
Erik Per Sullivan February 2010

Source: Venaca Photography

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Erik Per Sullivan Stars in Short Film ‘Kamikaze Beethoven’ [Video]

Erik Per Sullivan starred in the short film Kamikaze Beethoven, he plays Dave a 13 year old headed down the wrong path, then…well I’d watch the film above and see!

Many thanks to raymanasdf for discovering this independent film. Its written and directed by Josh Janowicz and I guess it was filmed in 2006. But surprisingly its only come to my attention in recent months. Its produced by 72nd Street Productions who have connections with the University of Southern California (USC) where Erik is currently studying theatre.

Dave is a 13 year old eight grader headed down the wrong path, at school, and hanging out with the wrong crowd.  The occasional pot smoking doesn’t help matters.  One day after school, Dave is approached by a shady looking fellow (Eric Szmanda) on a bicycle claiming he “knows him”.  Scared of the man’s appearance and approach, Dave runs away. The following morning, Dave is getting ready for school.  After a shower, he returns to his room to find the SAME MAN in his room!  Dave is terrified and goes for a antique sword hanging on his wall.  Dave is about to cut the man’s head off when the man, inexplicably, starts telling Dave secrets about himself that no one else could possibly know.  Through a series of questions, the man convinces Dave the he is him– from the future! For the next few days, Dave speaks with Future Dave about what the next fifteen years of his life will be like.  Not surprisingly, Dave finds out his future looks bleak.  As a result, Dave decides to turn his life around.

Source: & | Thanks raymanasdf

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Erik Per Sullivan Greetings from Positano [Video]

Photos, let alone videos of Erik (Dewey) have been very rare in recent years, so this video was a great surprise. It was uploaded 31 August, 2009 and most likely filmed shortly before as we know Erik was travelling in Italy with friends after his graduation, obviously Positano was one of the stops. My guess is that the video was shot by a friend of Erik’s who niece’s (Jasmia & Ruby) are fans of the show (MITM). Doesn’t he look different!

Source: YouTube | Thanks Rich & raymanasdf

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Erik Per Sullivan New Photo & Appearance on FOX via Proxy

Erik Per Sullivan at High School Graduation

Last month on our Happy Birthday Erik post, I brought up the fact that the most recent photo of Erik we had was from 2 years ago! Good news, the above photo is from June 7th when Erik graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy (high school), posing with one of his class mates. Its not the best picture, but its the best we have, I’m sure there where many people taking pictures, but this is the only one to surface, thanks to PEA Reunions for taking it and raymanasdf for bringing it to our attention.

Ok, so maybe the second half of the title doesn’t make much sense, but with so little Erik news, I felt this was worth posting. For those who don’t know Erik’s parents run a Mexican restaurant in Erik’s home town of Milford, Massachusetts called The Alamo. FOX 25 visited Milford as part of their ‘Zip Trip’ and interviewed Erik’s dad Fred mainly about the restaurant but also Erik and his graduation, hair and that at the time of filming he was in Barcelona (also a glimpse of another photo from his graduation, but its low quality). Did you know there is a MITM cookbook?


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Happy 18th Birthday Erik Per Sullivan!

We all hope you have a great day Erik. In the UK (where I’m writing this) he could be getting legally drunk but I’m sure Erik won’t be doing anything like that till he’s 21…

For those who don’t know Erik has been keeping totally out of the media for the last 2 years. His priority being school, however he’ll be done with that now and be heading to college soon (I wonder where?). We wish him all the best with this next stage in life.

Erik-Per-Sullivan-Heat-Magazine-Now-July-2009 Erik-Per-Sullivan-Heat-Magazine-Then-July-2009

I totally understand and respect Erik’s right to privacy and its not like we have paparazzi on hand to track him down but I can’t help but wonder what he looks like these days. I’m not alone with this, most recently and notably one of the UK’s most popular gossip/entertainment magazines Heat did a child star ‘Where are they now?’ feature and included Erik.

Erik Per Sullivan - Mom and Dad US Citizen Interesting to see they didn’t choose one of the Season 1 pictures but instead one of him looking older in Season 4. However more notable, this magazine which only came out this week is using a ‘Now’ picture from 2.5 years ago (when Erik was 15!), it was taken at the première of Arthur And The Invisibles January 7, 2007.

But we can’t really blame them, the newest picture I know of is Erik and parents from August 30, 2007. So really we don’t know what he is looking like these days, if anyone has newer (avoid this Google indexing mistake) we’d love to see it, but please no stalking!

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‘Bea Arthur’ Who Danced Fernando With Dewey, Dies

Beatrice Arthur, or Bea for short, star of the 70s sitcom Maude and the 80s series The Golden Girls died Saturday, April 25. She was 86. Arthur died peacefully at her Los Angeles home with her family at her side. She had cancer.

We know her as Dewey’s babysitter in the episode 1×16 Water Park, which won her an American Comedy Award and an Emmy nomination. VC member Rich put together the above tribute video with clips from Water Park. Thanks Rich!

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French ‘Dewey’ Song & Club Night!

Dewey Party Poster

This has to be one of the most random Malcolm in the Middle related events of the year. Back in March a French electro group Le Crest held a club night dedicated to Dewey. Also before this they showed their love of Malcolm in the Middle by creating this song, based on the classic scene from season 2 episode 6 Convention when Dewey does a dance and sings the Poupi Poupi/Poupeepou/Boo-Bee (depending on language or understanding) song.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Here is the scene the song is based upon. Keep in mind the above remix is based on the French dubbed episode.

Now, Malcolm in the Middle has many very dedicated fans around the world however for reasons I can’t quite understand Dewey seems to be loved by the French much more than anywhere else and the above scene and song has entered pop culture there.

Thanks to Tyno & Alexandre

November 29th, 2008 (0) Comments - Post a Comment

Happy Birthday Erik Per Sullivan!

Happy Birthday Erik! Who is 17 today. The whole VC hope you have a great day.

Erik Per Sullivan (Dewey) has been keeping quite quiet recently except for our exclusive interview with him last March. He’s busy with school and college searching, however he has attended some events in recent months.

June 15 – He made guest appearance at ‘Father’s Day Forward’ (Moseley’s On The Charles) a fund-raiser for ‘Journey Forward

June 21 – He attended the opening party for the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston new ‘Fenway Entrance’

Discuss in FORUM | Source:,

July 12th, 2008

Exclusive: Erik Per Sullivan Answers Your Questions!

Erik Per Sullivan (Dewey)In January you (the fans) had a chance to ask Erik Per Sullivan (Dewey) a question. We had a great response in our FORUM. We couldn’t ask all the questions but everyone had at least 1 question sent to him. Even though he is busy with school Erik has very kindly answered them!

Maddiizz & Lucky Maroon: What are your favorite movies, TV shows and music at the moment?

Erik: Hmm. I wish I had something a little less mainstream to offer, but I don’t watch many movies. I just saw “Juno,” and that was pretty top-notch! As far as TV shows go, I also only watch what is sent to me for Emmy voting. I got a big kick out of “Dexter,” which is really cool, though a touch morbid. Actually, while we’re talking dark stuff, Bryan Cranston’s (old friend/TV father) new show “Breaking Bad,” is really cool. For music, I love jazz, but I’ve been on a Latin kick lately. It’s so fun and high energy, you can’t help but want to bailar [to dance in Spanish] when you hear it!

Lucky Maroon: Who are your favorite actors? are you influenced by any of them? and how many have you met?

Erik: Since I was a kid, I’ve been a big Jim Carey fan. The guy knows comedy. I’m not so sure about serious actors, though. Jack Nicholson seems like the man. I had the great pleasure of meeting the former, but have never met Jack Nicholson.

Nathan Plunkett O’ Brien: Do you find it hard juggling school and your acting career?

Erik: It was getting pretty tough last year and the year before as high school was starting to heat up, but I really haven’t done an awful lot of acting in the past year. I’m going to say that’s probably for the better because I just switched schools and junior year is bordering ridiculously hard.

MalcolmFun: Do you plan to stay near Boston and maybe go to a university? Or do you foresee yourself taking the plunge and moving to Hollywood?

Erik: I’m definitely going to do some more school before I decide what I want to do regarding “the biz.” Boston definitely has some great universities (ahem, Harvard) but I’m just starting the college search.

great1: When you were younger (during season 1 or 2 of Malcolm) you said you would like to step behind the camera one day and direct, is this something you would still like to do?

Erik: I’m definitely still thinking that would be cool. The screen industry is an interesting one, and it would be awful neat to check things out from another perspective.

FunkySkunky420: You played the role of Dewey perfectly is there a little bit of Dewey in you?

Erik: Why, thanks! I think there’s a lot of Dewey in me. I often played Dewey as I would have done things myself, so I bet part of your idea of Dewey comes from my idea of him, which comes from me.. if that makes sense.

cadmiumgold: Do you miss Malcolm in the Middle? and if they did a reunion episode would you be up for it?

Erik: I miss it absolutely. When the show just ended, I would think about it all the time. I still get a little nostalgic when I talk to the guys, and would love to see the whole gang together again.

FunkySkunky420: What is your favorite experience working on the set of Malcolm in the Middle?

Erik: I think the best times were when the cameras weren’t rolling. Bike tag on the lot, golf-cart races.. good times all.

we_dye: You have starred in a variety of roles. Do you prefer comedy acting or drama?

Erik: Hmm. This is always tough. Comedy is always fun, but drama gives you this satisfaction that comes from having worked your way through something tricky. I hate to be indecisive, but I’m going to give you an “I like both” on this one.

DVF: How often do you visit Sweden?

Erik: We have a loose goal of once per year, but I think I’ve been there maybe ten times.

we_dye: If you could go back to any point in history, where would you go and why?

Erik: I don’t think I’ve been asked this before, so props on a creative question. I would love to visit Rome at the height of it’s glory. Now those guys knew how to do empires. Plus, I study Latin, and that would be the only chance for me to try the language out a little bit.

great1: Are you interested in video games, if so which systems do you own?

Erik: I got an Xbox 360 for Christmas last year I think, and my dorm mates and I play some video games. I made a resolution not to play so much, though, and I’m working on cutting down.

Agent23-007: Do you have any or want any tattoos?

Erik: Another new one! It might be nice to get myself a nice big eagle on my chest to show my patriotism. Haha, I kid. I might reconsider when they perfect they semi-permanent tattoo, but for now I’m good!

we_dye: Boxers or briefs?

Erik: Both and neither. Sometimes I go commando, but for the most part I use boxer-briefs.

great1: Once Malcolm ended you started to grow your hair, was this something you have wanted to do for awhile?

Erik: I never had any huge desire to grow my hair out during the show, but once it ended, I really wanted to use the new freedom.

we_dye: Mo is a film about the life of a real person and actual events. Do you therefore feel that you had a bigger responsibility when acting?

Erik: Definitely. Playing a real person made me take it seriously, but especially so because Mo wasn’t a comedy. The film dealt with something serious, and I wanted to do the kid justice.

great1: Do you ever visit fan sites or message boards/forums dedicated to yourself or MITM?

Erik: I actually haven’t been on any of these and really don’t spend any time on that kind of stuff. I might if I had the time, but it seems a little vain. Thanks for the [links to MITMVC].

Many thanks again to Erik for taking the time. And Erik if your reading this, we won’t think your vain if you want to chat to your fans in the FORUM!

Check out the trailer for Erik’s latest project Mo here. And buy the DVD here.

Many thanks to Monica Lederman | Discuss in FORUM

March 18th, 2008

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