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Frankie Muniz and Elycia Marie Meet Up with Hanson

Frankie Muniz and Hanson at Tempe Beach Park

Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) has been good friends with the members of pop rock band Hanson for a long time; Frankie even was inspired to play the drums because of Hanson (Frankie is now drumming for You Hang Up).

Frankie and his girlfriend Elycia Marie met up with Taylor, Zac and Isaac on Wednesday last week, first at Greasewood Flat, ‘the original stagecoach stop between Fort McDowell and Phoenix’, then later at Tempe Beach Park. Finally, Frankie and Elycia stayed with the trio for a BBQ and slumber party.

Elycia posted these pictures of the meetup on her Twitter account.

Hanson were actually livestreaming the meetup at their alive@hnet page.. If you have any more pictures, or video captures from the meetup, we’d love to put them up here on the site!

Frankie and Hanson at Greasewood Flat'No stabbing with swords at the dinner table'

June 6th, 2010 PeterU About: Frankie Muniz (Malcolm),The Cast

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  • Thanks for the find, Richie. I'm going to extract those videos now so we can put them up here.
  • Quote Originally Posted by PeterU View Post
    Thanks for the find, Richie. I'm going to extract those videos now so we can put them up here.
    Just added an extra grubbin' pic too

  • I hope the second livestream video starts working at some point, it seems like Frankie only just gets started talking about moving to Scottsdale and everything at the end of the first video, and I think lots of people would be interested to hear the rest of the conversation! As you mentioned, Richie, the video doesn't play. Despite it being reported as 24 minutes long, it plays only for a few seconds.

    If that changes and it starts working, someone let me know and I'll go back to the page and try to capture it again.
  • I'm trying to get a "mint copy" of the SSS (stagecoach stop stream) at right now, and I hope the fan crowd over there is not too random or easily distracted this time to actually answer my question /

  • Alas, no one has replied to the Hanson request for the full video version. I'll keep hunting high and low myself.

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