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Justin Berfield Shares Behind-The-Scenes Photos of Sons of Tucson

Justin Berfield (Reese) recently had a ‘live tweet’ event where he shared behind-the-scenes information and photos from the set of Episode 3 of the new show he is producing, Sons of Tucson. The live tweet event is now over, but you can follow him on Twitter — @justinberfield.

Tyler Labine's glasses

“those were Tylers glasses in the 1st scene.The sun was killing him and we thought they looked Snuffkin like.”

Buddy Handleson as Gabe

“Gabe AKA “Asskiss” is played by buddy Handleson. He appears in a later episode called “Kisses and Beads” ”

Fred Savage directed Season 1 Episode 3

“Fred Savage directed this episode.”

Faking Bad Acting

“In this episode the boys make a short film that required to fake “bad acting” Not easy!”

Storm Drain Leaked

“We created the storm drain on stage and it leaked nearly collapsing the entire stage floor.”

'Steer Cleer of Illegal Viagra'


Sound advice from Justin there. You can see all these photos (plus a few more) in our Sons of Tucson Season 1 Behind the Scenes Gallery.

After the jump, read all of the Justin’s questions and answers from the live tweet.

Questions & Answers

Note: most of Justin’s answers are in capitals, so you can tell where the question ends and his answer begins

RT @BlackCat1986: @justinberfield how did you and jason meet and what made you wnt to make #SonsofTucson FAM FRIENDS, & WRITERS HAD GR8 IDEA

RT @GAdams01: @justinberfield #SonsOfTucson are your fingers tired yet? HAH SORTA

RT @katiemizanin: @justinberfield Do u think ull produce any other shows after this? ABSOLUTELY. JUST GETTING STARTED

FACT: The Alpacas lovesick sound at the end was really one of the producers desperate groan. Be glad you didnt have to witness that!

RT @ahbean: @justinberfield You saw that the Wall Street Journal gave SOT a favorable review?YES, THX WSJ

RT @Hi_im_zoey: @justinberfield why were the original Brandon & Robby recast? SCHEDULING CONFLICTS AND CREATIVE CHANGE. MATT AND BEN R GR8

RT @dontforgett: @justinberfield #SonsOfTucson what inspired you to go behind the camera? TO PRODUCE ENTERTAINING TV

RT @stupified12004: @justinberfield #SonsofTucson what about the Malcolm cast you still friends with them all? YUP. THEY ARE FAMILY!

RT @PerryHank: @justinberfield what is sons of tuscon??? TV SHOW ON FOX SUNDAY NIGHTS 9:30/8:30c

RT @howeda7: @justinberfield I hope Fox has patience. Other then Malcolm That 70’s they haven’t had a decent live sitcom I HOPE SO

RT @ItsKathyOk: @justinberfield Do you guys have Fun making #SonsofTuscon episodes? EVERY DAY…SERIOUSLY FUN SET

RT @TorreyHam: More people should watch #SonsofTucson. It’s a cute show SPREAD THE WORD

RT @Micsters1121: @justinberfield You should get Justin Bieber to guest star. haha jk ; ) #SonsofTucson WHO’S BIEBER?

It took 8 crew from 2 depts. to construct the mini city in the boys room. And 1 big shoe to bring it down….

RT @BlackCat1986: @justinberfield do you think any of your old cast mates from Malcolm will be on #SonsofTucson NEVER KNOW. STAY TUNED

RT @howeda7: Hey. Like the show. It grows on you over time. Are you and Jason co-executive producers or is one top dog? TAKES A TEAM

RT @fatimalovesjb: @justinberfield is this your first show?:D FIRST SCRIPTED SHOW ON FOX

There really are “Golden Tickets” even they dont “officially” exist. Anyone got one???

RT @joeljamison:will email mr. Rice at fox!! Lots of us here in Hawaii love the show but we’re the last 2 c it! 🙁 it’s only 4:30 here. THX!

RT @matty2207: @justinberfield What do u like being an actor or being a producer and being behind the cameras? I LIKE BOTH FOR DIF REASONS

RT @AshMichelle831: @justinberfield are you the producer of Sons of Tuscon? whats your role/ YES. IM PART OF THE TEAM

RT @KimberlyGoodwin: @justinberfield How would you feel getting Bryan Cranston to appear on this show? #SonsofTucson WOULD LOVE IT!

RT @kimber23us: @justinberfield#SonsofTuscon How long does it take to make an episode? 5 DAYS PER EPISODE

The Alpacas we used made themselves at home. Note: They are not potty trained.

RT @joeljamison: can let FOX know how much we like the show so it will stay on the air!!? LET PETER RICE KNOW! HES MY BOSS!

RT @matty2207: @justinberfield U need to have a guest appearance by Eric Per Sullivan!! ERIK WAS ON SET EVERY FRI. I THINK FOR THE FOOD HAH

RT @kimber23us: @justinberfield#SonsofTuscon .Is SOT getting good reviews? ITS GETTING INCREDIBLE REVIEWS. FINGERS CROSSED

RT @katiemizanin: @justinberfield How long do u think the show will run for… As long as malcom? IF YOU LIKE IT. TELL FOX

RT @KristaVolpe: @justinberfield Is there a way to watch #SonsOfTucson online for free, streaming? HULU.COM AFTER AIRING

RT @TorreyHam: tonight’s episode was labeled #11. What was the reason for jumping ahead so far? JUST THE ORDER WE SHOT IN

RT @BlackCat1986: @justinberfield can you give a little hint on what next weeks #SonsofTucson is like. SCHOOL BECOMES VERY SUSPICIOUS!

RT @brett_e_Howard: #sonsoftucson was ron in anything else we might have seen b4 SOT? REAPER

RT @pallavi101: @justinberfield #sonsoftucson Are all episodes going to be on iTunes for free? or just the first one. FIRST ONE RIGHT NOW

RT @DBRPM17: #Sonsoftucson How much do the actors improvise? TYLER BRINGS HIS OWN CRAZINESS TO THE ROLE. HES AWESOME

RT @KimberlyGoodwin: @justinberfield Is Sons of Tucson actually filmed in Tucson? #SonsofTucson NOPE. Santa Clarita due to $$

RT @Hollibird: @justinberfield #sonsoftucson how many episodes this season? 13 this season.

RT @CeddyBrewer: #SonsofTucson I know this has nothin to do w/ the show but did u play Reese on Malcolm in the Middle I DID

RT @walt773563: #Sonsoftucson Great show Justin, Want to ask you, do you have a chair w/exective producer YES THEY ARE GREEN

RT @rell_b: @justinberfield are you going to be in #SonsofTucson..THE SEASON FINALE I MAKE A LITTLE APPEARANCE!

RT @stupified12004: @justinberfield #SonsofTucson how did you come up with the gay cop idea..WRITERS THOUGHT IT WOULD BE A GOOD TWIST

RT @1Markanthony: #SonsofTucson ,btw I definately didn’t know it was illegal to have a bunch of viagra..FROM MEXICO IT PROB IS

RT @ChadB72: #SonsofTucson Seems like I notice lots of little musical references in SOT… YOU ARE RIGHT..GOOD EAR

RT @Micsters1121: @justinberfield #SonsofTucson Who’s your favorite character??–I like them all obviously. But you cant deny that Ron rocks

RT @bstudie: #SonsofTucson Will Fred Savage be directing more episodes? Fred was great. If we are renewed wed love to have him back.

RT @ChadB72: #SonsofTucson So how awesome is it to have Frank Dolce in the show! That kid rocks. …hes a really talented kid!

RT @jennifersym: @justinberfield hey! big fan! what was you favorite part of the episode?…When Ron discovers theres more than porn online.

March 29th, 2010 PeterU About: Justin Berfield (Reese),The Cast

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