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Archive for July 17th, 2007

Reminder: TV Land Visit MITM Set

Reminder: TV Land Visit MITM Set

As previously reported, the ‘Finales’ episode will air tomorrow (Wednesday), July 18th @ 10:00pm on TVLand. If you miss this episode for any reason, you’ll still have another chance to catch it as it will be re-airing on Sunday, July 22nd @ 10:00pm on TVLand.

We have no idea how much of the episode will be on Malcolm in the Middle but will try to have a copy viewable here.

UPDATE: Watch it here.

July 17th, 2007

Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) to Guest Star in ‘Walk Hard’?

Frankie Muniz (Malcolm)Frankie mentions in this video that he is guest starring in ‘The Dewey Cox Story‘ which was retitled ‘Walk Hard

However this is the first mention of it I’ve ever heard and I can’t find anything that backs this up.

It is of course possible that he was cut from the film but the interview was only shot back in May, but then again he is out of the Hollywood loop currently (racing) so it’s possible he made a mistake somehow.

Walk Hard‘ is expected for a 14 December 2007 release.

We will keep you up to date with any further developments but if you have more information please comment here or in the Forum.

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July 17th, 2007

Justin Berfield (Reese) ‘Rocks the Kasbah’

Justin Berfield (Reese) at 'Rock The Kasbah'

Justin Berfield (Reese) attended the chariety event ‘Rock The Kasbah’ on July 2. This event was held in honour of Eve Branson, mother of Sir Richard Branson, for her work with Virgin Unite, which Justin supports.

The benefit was held to raise funds for ongoing projects, set up by Eve Branson in association with Virgin Unite, underway in Morocco.

Photos of Justin from the event in our Gallery
Justin Berfield (Reese) ‘Rocks the Kasbah’ Justin Berfield (Reese) ‘Rocks the Kasbah’ 2 justin-berfield-rock-the-kasbah-5.jpg justin-berfield-rock-the-kasbah-3.jpg justin-berfield-rock-the-kasbah-2.jpg

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July 17th, 2007

Justin Berfield (Reese) ‘Blonde Ambition’ a Wash?

Justin Berfield (Reese) Some readers will know that Justin Berfield is producing films now and his current project is ‘Blonde Ambition’. Read our previous post for a trailer and more information.

The buzz behind Blonde Ambition is fading as reports surface that the Jessica Simpson film is incomplete and no longer has a release date.Simpson’s manager/dad Joe Simpson has reportedly pushed back the release date twice because the movie is expected to flop.

“First, the release date was set for Aug. 3, and then it was delayed until the last week of August,” an insider tells the New York Daily NewsGatecrasher. “Papa Joe then intervened and said he wasn’t comfortable with the level of competition from other films that month.”

Meanwhile, another source suggests that the singer may want to stick with her day job.

Another source says: “Jessica was not very focused on-set and flubbed her lines often. She always had her dog around, was on the phone with [then-] boyfriend John Mayer or was sitting in a warmed-up SUV.”



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July 17th, 2007

Bryan Cranston (Hal) Another ‘Chapter Two’ Interview

Bryan Cranston (Hal)Another interview with Bryan Cranston (Hal) about his new stage role in ‘Chapter Two‘. A must read as Bryan talks about MITM fan mail, ‘Breaking Bad‘ and more.

Call it Bryan in the middle. Of rehearsals, that is.Bryan Cranston, who played henpecked Hal in the long-running TV series “Malcolm in the Middle,” is now readying an on-stage role. Come Thursday, he’ll open a 10-day run at Shadow Lawn Stage in West Long Branch.

The play is “Chapter Two,” Neil Simon’s 1978 comedy-drama, in which Cranston portrays George Schneider, a successful novelist whose beloved wife dies. Just when George vows he’ll never marry again, he meets Jennie Malone, and wedding bells soon ring. Shortly after, their apartment is ringing with heated arguments.

“George is in Chapter Two, while there are times when I feel as if I’m already working on the epilogue of my life,” Cranston jokes. He then tells of his own Chapter One, when he was born 51 years ago in Los Angeles to parents who were actors.

“Mom gave it up to take care of me and my brother,” he says. “That left my father to live a typical actor’s life — feast or famine. One year, he put a pool in our back yard. The next year, we couldn’t swim in it because he couldn’t afford the chlorine for it. One year we got a new car, and the next year he traded it in for an older one. That message of insecurity really served me well when I went into this inherently insecure business.”

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Cranston didn’t plan to act, though. “I went to college for law administration. I was going to be a policeman, because it was a masculine thing to do. Being of Scotch-Irish descent, I got a lot of support from all my relatives. Then an academic counselor said to me, ‘You need to round out your curriculum with some liberal arts courses.’ When I saw that acting was available, I thought that’d be fun. And, that,” he says, snapping his fingers and pointing, “began my Chapter Two.”

Like George Schneider, Cranston’s been married twice. “Unlike George, I wasn’t originally married to my soulmate. I was 23, and two years later, we were both thinking, ‘Hey, what did we do there?’ My heart wasn’t broken, and neither was hers. We made a mistake, no hard feelings — and no children.”

In 1986, Cranston was cast in an episode of the TV show “Airwolf.” He played a villain who at one point holds a gun to a woman’s head. That woman, Robin Dearden, would turn out to be his second wife.

“We were involved with others then,” he says, “but less than a year later, we weren’t, and we re-met in an improv comedy class.”

They now have a 14-year-old daughter named Taylor. The entire family has come along to West Long Branch: Dearden portrays Jennie in the play, and Taylor is working in the box-office.

“We took this job so we could all spend some nice time at the Jersey Shore,” says Cranston, who usually spends his Julys in his Los Angeles home.

“Chapter Two” happened because of Cranston’s friendship with actor Bill Timoney. The two met in the early ’80s, when each was performing in an ABC soap opera. Timoney was portraying the nerdy Alfred Vanderpoole on “All My Children,” while Cranston was on “Loving,” playing Doug Donovan — “the associate professor in theater at Corinth University, a school not unlike Monmouth right here,” he says, of where Shadow Lawn is in residence.

The two hit it off, and have remained friends ever since. “Some ‘friends’ forget you after they get a hit TV series,” Timoney says. “Bryan has always been terrific to me, and my wife, Georgette.”

She’s Georgette Reilly, who met Timoney when they were doing a play at the Celtic Theatre Company in South Orange. Once “Malcolm in the Middle” ended last year, Timoney suggested that the foursome do a play. They all agreed that “Chapter Two” would be the ideal vehicle. Timoney plays George’s brother Leo, a randy executive, while Reilly portrays Faye, Jennie’s good friend, who’ll become embroiled in her own difficult relationship.

Cranston knows that, if not for his 133 151 episodes [MITMVC edit] of “Malcolm in the Middle” (which earned him an Emmy nomination), he could have wound up like many actors — in Chapter 11.

“That’s why no matter how much fan mail I got, I always answered every letter,” he says. “People were always writing in, wondering what Hal’s last name was, what he actually did for a living, and in what city the family lived — information that the series never told anyone. There were even people who suggested that Hal was part of the Witness Protection Plan — and I made sure I wrote them back. After you struggle for a while and success finally hits, you don’t forget what it was before. You’re grateful.”

After the play ends, Cranston will begin a new chapter. He’ll go to New Mexico to be in “Breaking Bad,” an AMC TV series. “I play a chemistry genius who had a fear of success, and became a science teacher. He’s got a wife, a child with cerebral palsy, and an accident baby on the way when he finds he has inoperable cancer. So he begins to make and deal crystal meth to make as much cash as he can for his family before he dies. I like the show, but I’m fully aware that it could flop like a fish on a boat.”

But first, “Chapter Two.”

“It’s an ideal play for me and Robin, for we’ve lived so much of it,” Cranston says. “When George and Jennie meet, (it) rekindles how we felt 20 years ago. We’re all set in the scenes where they get comfortable with each other, for we’ve been comfortable for a long time.

“Then,” he says, “there are the scenes where George and Jennie argue. Those are the times that each of us hears a tone we recognize from previous, uh, ‘discussions.’ I predict that those will feel pretty real when we do them on-stage.”

Peter Filichia may be reached at or (973) 392-5995

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July 17th, 2007

Six Degrees of Jane Kaczmarek (Lois)


Kevin Bacon has started up a new charity website with a difference. is “social networking with a social conscience” The name came from the long running game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

First celebs to sign on were Bacon’s Connecticut neighbors Jane Kaczmarek and Bradley Whitford.

“It seemed like a natural, neighborly thing to do,” says Kaczmarek who, along with Whitford, founded Clothes Off Our Back, an online charity auction house for all those Valentinos and Versaces that only get a one-time shot on the red carpet.

At the site you can see the charities celebrities are supporting and can add badges like Jane’s to the left on your website, MySpace, blog etc. You can also create your own badge for the charity you are championing.

If you can why not help out Jane’s charity ‘Clothes Off Our Backs‘ by adding her badge anywhere you can. Click on ‘Add This Badge To Your Site

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July 17th, 2007

Jane Kaczmarek (Lois) Talks Money

Jane Kaczmarek (Lois)Here is an interview with Jane Kaczmarek (Lois) from where she discuses kids and finance.

Emmy-award nominee Jane Kaczmarek played the hilarious and harried wife and mother Lois on FOX’s Malcolm in the Middle. As the mother of three and wife to actor Bradley Whitford (NBC’s The West Wing), her real life often bears a resemblance to the one she played on TV. As a mother, she takes a no-nonsense approach to parenting, especially when it comes to money. Having founded Clothes Off Our Back, a charity dedicated to auctioning off celebrity awards show clothing to raise money for children’s charities, she tries to instil values in her children regarding finances and giving back to those who are in need. Jane, who recently worked with Visa’s, took a moment out of her busy schedule to share her thoughts on kids and finance with iParenting.

iP: How do you get your kids involved in work that you do for others?

JK: We have a big thing with birthday presents. I can’t stand all this stuff hanging around our house. It makes me crazy – all this stuff that piles up. So I started something in the kids’ invitation for their birthday parties saying that it is a family tradition, in lieu of birthday presents, please bring a check for the following charity – any amount would be very welcome. I think people always want to bring something to a birthday party and they don’t know what your kid has and what they need, so we collect money at birthday parties. This year we went back to the Children’s Defense Fund, which is an advocacy group for children here in American run by Marian Wright Edelman. We have done it for Smile Train, which is another favorite of mine. Smile Train does cleft palette repairs for children in the developing world. You know, $250 pays for an operation for a child and it changes their life. They go from pretty much being an outcast and beggar to being able to go to school and have a job. And $250 is pretty easy to raise at a kids’ birthday party because people bring a check for $20, which is easily what they would spend on a present.

iP: How do your kids take not getting a present?

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JK: People still bring something. My mother will still send something, so they end up with three or four things to open as opposed to 20 things to open. And we talk to them about it. They are 7, 5 and 2, so the 7-year-old is starting to understand it. Children emulate their parents and they see their parents doing things and they mimic their parents. I like to play the piano and all the kids take music and Brad plays the viola. They see us playing musical instruments and it makes them want to do it because it is fun and it sounds nice and it is a nice family thing to do together. I am just hoping that this is something they grow up with and it just seems natural as anything.

iP: Do you feel like growing up in the Midwest helped shape your values?

JK: This was not a big family value growing up, unfortunately. My parents are very good about saving money; they were really very resourceful. My father used to always get a Christmas tree for $1. He would cut off branches and drill holes into the trunk where there were empty spots and glue branches into the tree. It was amazing; he would make this phenomenal tree out of this Charlie Brown-est tree on the lot. I grew up with very clever parents; they could make things look really good on very little. I was raised with the idea that you are capable of doing a lot. But the whole giving thing really happened as a combination of going to church and really becoming hugely successful on a television show. Because you can’t believe the stuff that people give you. I am doing an event tonight and if I wear earrings from this place they will make a donation to Clothes Off Our Back. So sure, great, I have to wear earrings anyway. Oh, my gosh, people want to advertise. Hopefully you will mention their earrings. There are just a lot of opportunities once you become aware of that. Part of it is that I had my children late and I had my success late, you know I was really in my 40s when all of this happened.

iP: You were in a good place.

JK: You have such a different perspective on it and you are very aware of the ups and downs that happen in a career. The 15 minutes of fame, you realize this might be your only chance to give back, or to make a difference – do it! Don’t wait for the next time you are on the top. It is such a roller coaster. You have to just do it.

iP: With so much excess everywhere, how do you avoid your kids being spoiled?

JK: Just say no. I cannot tell you how valuable that word is. No. Why not, they ask? Because it is not for us. Sometimes you just give in because they are driving you crazy. Like my daughter is watching Barney right now. She is just driving me crazy and I am trying to finish decorating the Christmas tree and she is 2 so you think, you know what, let her watch a video in the middle of the day. That’s fine. But, for the most part, we play cards and we play Chinese checkers and we play games and puzzles and you practice piano and there are so many great things to do with kids that don’t involve money.

Also, just don’t buy them a lot of stuff. I just can’t stand all that junk piling up.

My church has something called an alternate Christmas fair. They always have booths set up with places like Smile Train and the Heifer Project is a great, great thing where you can buy livestock for people. You can buy a chicken, a goat or a flock of bees throughout the world, including America, where they give people in need these animals and they are able to raise animals and sell them and you get a great little card of a goat or a duck or something. You know, it is fun for kids to be able to do that, to go Christmas shopping in ways that you can buy something that is really going to make a difference in someone’s life as opposed to all this stuff.

To learn how other celebrities think about finance, visit

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July 17th, 2007

Jane Kaczmarek (Lois) Reads ‘Strange Son’

Jane Kaczmarek and Portia Iversen

Jane Kaczmarek (Lois) has recently been involved with the launch of the book ‘Strange Son’ by Portia Iversen.

Strange Son is the powerful tale of two mothers from opposite sides of the world who, united by their fierce determination to help their severely autistic sons, have challenged everything we thought we knew about autism.

You can hear clips of Jane reading the book below and can buy it here.

Clip 1

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Clip 2

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Jane also helped to launch the book and did a public reading in Pasadena, this is what the author Portia Iversen had to say on her blog.

I just wanted to share some photos from my recent book event at Vroman’s in Pasadena. It was a wonderful evening and my dear and loyal friend Jane Kaczmarek did an amazing reading from the book. I was deeply moved by her touching performance – but not at all surprised because I’d already heard Jane reading Strange Son for the audio book. Many friends and family members attended the book signing and afterward Jane and I caught up over a drink at a not-so-secret Pasadena haunt, the Hamburger Hamlet.

Photos from the event can be seen in our Gallery

Jane Kaczmarek (Lois) Reads ‘Strange Son’ 1 Jane Kaczmarek (Lois) Reads ‘Strange Son’ 2 Jane Kaczmarek (Lois) Reads ‘Strange Son’ 3 Jane Kaczmarek (Lois) Reads ‘Strange Son’ 4

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July 17th, 2007

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